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Karmic connection between Sameer Soni & Neelam, assures a blissful conjugal life

Karmic connection between Sameer Soni & Neelam, assures a blissful conjugal life

The year 2011 has begun on a bright note for model Sameer Soni. After bagging a fancy four-wheeler for being ‘strong & stylish’ in the Bigg Boss’s house, he is all set to get hitched to former actor and jewellery designer Neelam Kothari.

Once bitten, twice shy they say. But this is not the case with Sameer and Neelam. Although, both of them have tasted more cons than pros in a marriage earlier, the duo is not apprehensive about beginning a new chapter in their lives, after dating for two years. As the couple plans to tie the knot on 23rd January, 2011, Ganesha showers his blessings upon the duo and predicts the future, with the help of Vedic Astrology.

42-year old Sameer, a Libra, was born on 29th September, 1968 in London. According to his horoscope, his rashi or Moon Sign happens to be Dhanu or Sagittarius. Saturn is with Rahu in Pisces, and Mars and Jupiter are in Leo. Also, a Mercury-Venus conjunction is seen in Tula rashi, which initially lead him to take up banking and later modelling. Earlier, he got married to model Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar in the year 1996. Unfortunately, their marriage could not last for more than 6 months. The reason is shrapit yoga in his horoscope along with a conjunction of separative planets, Sun and Ketu. Mars is afflicting Jupiter in Leo. Presence of Moon in Sagittarius makes Sameer a friendly and optimistic person. He is also God fearing, introspective, appreciates life and never stops exploring and learning new things.

In romance, the ‘Sadge’ Moon thrives with a mate who is a fellow traveller on a parallel path. They have a need for complete emotional freedom from a partner who can keep up with their activeness. They have a mission, and can?t be held back by outdated relationships or ideas. They focus on the future and love life. They do not lose hope, come out with flying colours in whatever they take up, and become a source of inspiration for others.

Sameer’s would-be better half, Neelam Kothari, was born on 3rd March, 1968, Honkong. Her first marriage to Rishi Sethia, a businessman, resulted into a divorce as Neelam ‘s horoscope has several yogas of separation, like Mars-Saturn and Rahu conjunction. All fiery planets 12th to Moon; Ketu aspecting Mercury, Venus, Mars as well as Saturn. Her Moon is in Aries, which makes her an instinctual, volatile, courageous, and energetic personality. It can either lead to achievements or become a cause for perpetual conflict. The best traits of the Aries Moon include emotional courage, inventiveness, idealism and enthusiasm, while problematic traits include emotional volatility, defensiveness, and a strong potential for interpersonal conflict. They are driven by instincts and are highly independent.

The horoscopes of Neelam and Sameer show a karmic connection. Both have several door yogas, which balance each other perfectly. Their face reading also strongly indicates a love marriage. The couple seems to be made for each other.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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