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K D Jadhav- The true hero of Indian sports

K D Jadhav- The true hero of Indian sports


India has never been able to show its best in the Olympics till today. We have received only a handful of medals in the last 80 years. And, all the credit for that goes to our Indian heroes of sports. Among those heroes, one name that still makes India proud is K.D. Jadhav. He was the first sportsman of independent India who won the Bronze medal in freestyle wrestling during the Olympics at 1952 Helsinki Games. The talents of such legends should be highlighted during this Olympics to inspire the new talents.

Ganesha has studied his birth chart to reveal, what made K.D. Jadhav one of the finest wrestlers of the world.

In Jadhav’s chart, Mars becomes Atmakraka. Mars stands for a fierce and rash temperamental fight which is clearly needed for sporty fight like Wrestling. It shows a desire for creative endeavor, strenuous sports, risk-taking pursuits and also muscular exercise. The conjunction of Mars and Saturn in the Scorpio tells us about the physical power, sturdiness and strength of his stamina. They show intense concentration and discipline which is required for a wrestler. Mars is largely responsible for his career in police department as well.

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In his chart, Karakamsa becomes Sagittarius and Mercury is placed in the Karakamsa Ascendant. The Mercury had provided him with superb aestheticism. In his chart four planets placed in the sign Capricorn which gave him an innate spirit of competition and made him keen on sports like wrestling.

The Vargottama Sun had made him world famous through his unique achievement in Helsinki Olympics. But the severe affliction of Sun in the Navmansa chart never helped him to achieve what he really deserved. Jupiter-Sun-Ketu conjunction in Capricorn made his life very difficult and made him live in poverty until he died.

Despite this unique achievement he was largely forgotten in India. We salute the true Hero of Indian Sports.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar,