What New Challenges Can Be Foreseen For Hardik In T20?

Is Uncertainty Over Hardik Pandya Playing In T20 WC Still Looming?

Published on October 25, 2021

hardik pandya

Hardik Pandya is an all-rounder and ferocious player especially when it is against Pakistan. But this time there is a lot of uncertainty over whether he will be able to play for India or not because of his back injury. With his exceptional finishing skills and ball-striking prowess, Pakistan’s players have always ended up in a state of disarray. But, what about his upcoming Ind-Pak series? Will he continue his hunt as usual against Pakistan or not? Let’s get to the bottom of this mystery with his Surya Kundali.

Pandya is Likely To Continue His Hunt Against Pakistan!

Hardik Pandya has faced Pakistan four times in ICC competitions, and he smashed their bowlers viciously in all three innings each time. He has 10 sixes and 122 runs against Pakistan. Pandya’s horoscope predicts that, based on his recent form against Pakistan, he will continue to bat in the same way in the upcoming matches.

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