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IPL governance may be forced to amend its norms, foresees Ganesha.

IPL governance may be forced to amend its norms, foresees Ganesha.

IndianPremier League Controversies
The IPL (IndianPremier League) is a professional cricket league conducted by theIndian cricket board. The league comprises of the 20-overs-a-side(20-20) version of the game originally meant to bring to fore purecricket to its millions of fans. However, since its inception in2008, the high-profile, cash-rich IPL, now consisting of nine teamswith players from around the world, has been mired in controversies.So much so that these controversies seem to have overshadowed thegame itself, especially in the current season.

Although, everyseason of the tournament has seen one or the other controversy, be itLalit Modi’s debacle or Kochi Team’s dissolution, the cake surelygoes to the current one. Already, three back-to-back controversieshave rocked IPL 5. A TV channel’s sting operation revealed andalleged rampant spot-fixing in the league (yet to be contested),following which the five players interviewed by the channel weresuspended till the inquiry. Later, the Bollywood superstar and ownerof the Kolkata Knight Riders team Shah Rukh Khan faced a 5 year banstopping him from entering Mumbai’s Wankhede, owing to a fracas withthe security personnel and Mumbai Cricket Association officials. Andthen, the Australian player Luke Pomersbach of the team RoyalChallengers Bangalore was arrested for allegedly molesting anAmerican female in an elite Delhi hotel. Following such issues, thecalls to ban this ?tamasha? of a cricket league are gettinglouder everyday. The scenario has even prompted the country’s Membersof Parliament to demand a ban on the league.

Ganesha, withthe help of Vedic Astrology, looks at the foundation chart of thetouted tournament to analyse what lies ahead for thecontroversies-stricken IPL.

AnAnnular Solar Eclipse is slated to take place on 20th-21st May 2012.On looking at the foundation chart of IPL, it can be seen that theSolarEclipse will take place in the 7thHouse in the zodiac Taurus in Krittika Nakshatra on 21st May 2012 inthis chart. Besides, a Lunar Eclipse is slated to take place on3rd-4th June 2012, and this is taking place in Taurus again. Both,Solar and Lunar eclipses are taking place in the 7thHouse in IPL’s chart. Jupiter is the the Ascendant in the IPL’sfoundation chart, and it is getting eclipsed by Rahu. This isindicative of the fact that IPL may have to face stiff challenges inthe coming two months.

Venusis transiting retrograde with Ketu, and this planetary aspect shallbring to fore matters related to sexual relationships, contracts,agreements, valuation and financial transactions. Saturn and Marsboth are aspecting Rahu during this period, and this aspect shall notbring good results. Hence, this period, especially till 22nd June2012 isn’t set to be a great one. Consequently, it will not be a goodtime for the BCCI and IPL authority too. The happenings around thistime shall surely pressurize the governing body of IPL and BCCI.

Asthe aforementioned eclipse is slated to fall in the Ascendant Houseof India’s country chart, the ongoing controversy may impact themutual relations of IPL and government authorities. The governmentmay act strictly to regulate BCCI and IPL to bring more transparency.The transiting Rahu indicates that some regulations may now beenforced in the business of cricket. The IPL authority will be forcedto get to the depth of the issues such as spot fixing and code ofconduct. There will be pressure from other quarters as well. Therecent controversies and the outcome of probe may also bring majorchanges in the way IPL functions in future. This is also likely toimpact its ratings for the season Six. Thefranchisees will now need to become more morecautious. The risk factors that may affect the League?s continuityshall be highlighted in next season.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team