India vs New Zealand – 3rd ODI Predictions

3rd ODI Match at AMI Stadium, Christchurch, on March 8
Boss of the toss: New Zealand will win the toss
Prediction: New Zealand will win the match

Astro Analysis of key Indian Players

Yusuf Pathan
His birth date is 17th which adds up to 8. This resonates well with the match’s date, indicating that he will perform well.

Virender Sehwag
The trine aspect formed between his natal Mars and Mercury with his transiting Mars and Mercury, and the opposition of his natal and transiting Guru will enable him to play with finesse in this cricket match.

Ishant Sharma
The trine aspect of transiting Shani to natal Shani and the conjunction of transiting Venus with natal Mars will make sure that Ishant plays well.

Astro Analysis of key New Zealand Players

Kyle Mills
Transiting Mars is in conjunction with natal Mars and opposite to natal Shani. Moreover, transiting Guru is opposite to natal Guru and transiting Shani over natal Shani is opposite to natal Mars. This will enable Kyle to play a great game on March 8.

Ross Taylor
His birth date is 8th and since the match’s date is also 8, both resonate well with each other. Hence, Ross will play a good innings.

Neil Broom

Transiting Mars aspecting his natal Mars and Venus and transiting Venus aspecting his natal Mars and Venus will urge Neil to play a very entertaining game.

May the best team win

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Rikhav Khimasia

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