India vs New Zealand – 2nd ODI Predictions

2nd ODI Match at Westpac Stadium, Wellington on March 06, 2009

Boss of the toss: New Zealand will win the toss
Prediction: New Zealand will win the match

Astro Analysis of key New Zealand Players
Ian Butler
His birth date is 24, which adds up to 6; this corresponds with the cricket match’s date. This will ensure that he plays a good game today.

Iain O’Brien
The aspect of his transiting Jupiter to his natal Jupiter and Saturn will enable him to bowl with such skill that he will allow the least number of runs to the batsman.

Jesse Ryder
Jesse is born on 6th and today’s date being the same, he is destined, according to Numerology, to entertain spectators with a great performance.

Astro Analysis of key Indian Players

Ravindra Jadeja
He is born on 6th and today’s date being 6, he has great numerological vibration in his favour. This will enable him to play well.

Harbhajan Singh
Transiting Jupiter aspecting his natal Mars and transiting Shani in conjunction with his natal Shani will give Harbhajan an opportunity to take fast wickets

Yuvraj Singh
The trine aspect of transiting Jupiter to his natal Mars and Saturn will prompt him to strike the ball to the boundaries more often.

May the best team win

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Rikhav Khimasia

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