India vs New Zealand – 1st ODI Predictions

1st ODI at Napier on March 3, 2009

Date of the match: March 03, 2009
Boss of the toss: New Zealand will win the toss.
Prediction: New Zealand will win the match.

Astro Analysis of key Indian Players

Harbhajan Singh
His birth date is 3rd and as match’s date is also 3rd, Harbhajan will give a spectacular bowling performance today.

Suresh Raina
Transiting Sun, conjunct his natal Mangal (Mars) and Guru (Jupiter) will support him to delight the audience with power-filled batting.

Yuvraj Singh
His birth date is 12th, whose total is 3 and the match being held on 3rd, he will also perform well today.

Astro Analysis of key New Zealand Players

Martin Guptill
His birth date is 30th, which adds up to 3, and since the game will be held on March 3rd, Guptill will perform well.

Jesse Ryder
Transiting Mangal coming under the aspect of natal Mangal, and transiting Shani aspecting natal Shani will shower their celestial blessings on his game today.

Jacob Oram
Transiting Shani in conjunction with his natal Budha and Shani, will enable him to play restrictive bowling and cautious batting.

May the best team win

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,

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