India Vs Australia 3rd Test Match Predictions

The third test match between India and Australia will be played at Delhi from October 29 – November 02, 2008.

Day 1 – India will make a good start today and will put the visitors under pressure.

Day 2 – The pressure will continue to mount on the Kangaroos but the momentum may be a bit slow, the usual Indian overconfidence may be at work today.

Day 3 – India may not be able to perform as per the expectations and may yield to the Down Unders.

Day 4 – Both the teams will give a tough fight and the ones from Down Under will be down and out by the end of the day. A highly entertaining day, predicts Ganesha.

Day 5 – If the Visitors stay unbeaten on Day 4, then this day will be the Judgement day for India and will be in its favour.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Rikhav Khimasia