India vs Australia 1st Test Match Predictions

9th October 2008
Indian players will be in good rhythm and may perform with great accuracy and consistency. India may have the upper hand on the first day.

10th October 2008
The day is in favour of India and unfavourable to Aus, Australia seems to make blunders and we may find Australia on the ropes by the end of day.

11th October 2008
Indian players may look nervous and inconsistent. They may make some mistakes today but rectify the same saving the day at least, if not the match.

12th October 2008
The visitors may find problems in adjusting with the Indian conditions. India seems on top and may try to finish off the match today itself.

13th October 2008
Easy pickings for India today and may finally win today if not yesterday.

Summarily, the first Match is unarguably in India’s favour.Time to win at the game of life with the help of astrology – Consult Our Top Astrologers Now!

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Rikhav Khimasia

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