ICL Predictions for November 8th and 9th

November 08, 2008
Hyderabad Heroes v Royal Bengal Tigers: The match will begin at 1930 hours at Hyderabad
Prediction: The heroes will be successful in converting Bengal Tigers to Tigers in pictures, by winning the match.

November 09, 2008
1. Ahmedabad Rockets v Chandigarh Lions: The match will be at 1400 hours at Ahmedabad
Prediction: The Chandigarh Lions will outdo the Ahmedbad rockets.

2. Chennai Superstars v Lahore Badshahs: This match will be played at 1930 hours at Ahmedabad
Prediction: The Badshahs have an upper hand over Chennai Superstars and may win the match today

Wishing best of luck to all the teams.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Rikhav Khimasia