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ICC 20-Twenty World Cup Predictions for June 10th

ICC 20-Twenty World Cup Predictions for June 10th

Group C – Sri Lanka vs West Indies
Wednesday 10, 13:30 local, 12:30 GMT, 11th match
Trent Bridge, Nottingham

Boss of the toss: Sri Lanka will win the toss
Prediction: Sri Lanka seems to make a good start but will finally lose the match

Sri Lankan Players
Lasith Malinga – His birth date being 28th, which adds up to 10, is similar to today’s date. Hence, according to Numerology, he will play a smashing innings today.
Jehan Mubarak – The square of transiting Mars with natal Mercury and Mars enables him to be a master of both batting and bowling.
Thilan Thushara – His planetary grid is quite complex today, and will enable him to play with grit and display a variety of styles.

West Indies Players
Dwayne Bravo – Transiting Saturn over natal Mars and transiting Mars trine to natal Mars is a splendid combination for a long innings for him.
Darren Sammy – He has fabulous biorhythms for playing well today.
Kieron Pollard – Transiting Mercury in conjunction with natal Mercury and under the aspect of natal Saturn indicates he will bowl better than he will bat.

To summarise, Ganesha feels that Malinga, Mubarak and Thushara for Sri Lanka and Bravo, Sammy and Pollard for West Indies will play well today.

Group A – India vs Ireland
Wednesday 10, 17:30 local, 16:30 GMT, 12th match

Trent Bridge, Nottingham
Boss of the toss: India will win the toss
Prediction: India will also win the match

Indian Players
Irfan Pathan – Transiting Mars trine natal Mars and Jupiter, opposite natal Sun, Mercury and Saturn makes him lucky as a striker as well as an aggressive bowler today.
Ravindra Jadeja – Conjunction of transiting Mercury with natal Jupiter and opposition of transiting Mercury to natal Mercury will make him take good wickets today.
Suresh Raina – Transiting Jupiter, in conjunction with natal Mars and Jupiter, is a wonderful combination for his batting prowess today.

Ireland Players
Kyle McCallan – He will be a hit with the bat because transiting Mars conjuncts natal Jupiter and is in square with natal Saturn.
John Mooney – His birth date being 10th is similar to today’s date , suggesting that he will be explosive on the pitch today.
Regan West – Transiting Mars in conjunction with natal Sun and transiting Saturn in conjunction with natal Saturn will make him successful in batting today.

Hence, Irfan, Ravindra and Suresh will be the match clinchers for India and Kyle, John and Regan will play well for Ireland.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Rikhav Khimasia