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ICC 20 Twenty World Cup Predictions for June 6th

ICC 20 Twenty World Cup Predictions for June 6th

Group D – New Zealand vs Scotland

Saturday 6, 10:00 local, 09:00 GMT; 2nd match
Kennington Oval, London
Boss of the toss: New Zealand will win the toss
Prediction: New Zealand will win the match

New Zealand Players
Ian Butler – The opposition of transiting Sun and Mercury to his natal Sun and Mercury make him eligible for a wonderful bowling spell.

Kyle Mills – The total of his birth date 15th is 6, which is today’s date. Hence, he will play a good game.

Jesse Ryder – Transiting Jupiter and Saturn aspecting his natal Saturn will play wonders with his batting style today.

Scotland Players
John Blain – Transiting Mars trine his natal Sun and Mars and aspecting natal Mercury and Jupiter support a stylish and dangerous bowling style.

Dewald Nel – Transiting Jupiter aspects natal Jupiter and Saturn while transiting Saturn conjunct natal Jupiter and Saturn enables him to have a targeted and cautious bowling strategy.

Kyle Coetzer – Transiting Mars aspecting natal Mars and natal Saturn, means he will hit the ball less, but when he hits it, it will be for the boundary only, making him the highest boundary hitter.

To summarise, Ganesha feels that Ian, Kyle and Jesse for New Zealand and John, Dewald and Kyle for Scotland will be the star performers for their respective teams.

Group C – Australia vs West Indies
Saturday 6, 14:00 local, 13:00 GMT, 3rd match
Kennington Oval, London
Boss of the toss: West Indies will win the toss
Prediction: Australia will win the match (However, both the teams will be neck and neck)

West Indies Players
Fidel Edwards – His biorhythm for the day is wonderful, making him deliver good bowling.
Lionel Baker – Today’s nakshatra (Moon Star) supports various styles of bowling and techniques, enabling him to take good wickets.
Lendl Simmons – Transiting Jupiter in conjunction with his natal Mars and Venus and the opposition of transiting Saturn to natal Mars and Jupiter enable him to be a hit with the bat.

Australian Players
Ben Hilfenhaus – His birth date is 15th, whose total is 6, today’s date. Thus, he will play a smooth game.
James Hopes – Transiting Mars opposite his natal Sun, Mars, Mercury and Venus will make him play a good game, both with the ball and the bat.
David Hussey – Transiting Mercury in conjunction with natal Mars, Jupiter and Venus will prompt him to be a wonderful bowler today.
Thus, Ganesha finds that Edwards, Baker and Simmons for West Indies and Ben, James and David for Australia will be the star performers today.

Group A – Bangladesh vs India
Saturday 6, 18:00 local, 17:00 GMT, 4th match
Trent Bridge, Nottingham
Boss of toss: India will win the toss
Prediction: Bangladesh will win the match

Indian Players
Gautam Gambhir – Stupendous energetic biorhythms indicate a great command over the bowlers, hitting the ball all over the field.
Rudra Pratap Singh – Transiting Saturn square natal Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn, allows such bowling that he will limit the advances of his opponents today through runs and wickets.
Ravindra Jadeja – Wonderful planetary combination with his natal Moon will enable him to play a marvellous innings.

Bangladesh Players
Abdur Razzak – His birth date is 15th and its total being 6th, which is today’s date, the day is good for Razzak.
Shakib Al Hasan – Transiting Mars conjunct natal Mars and transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Mercury and Venus indicates that he shall play an entertaining game.
Naeem Islam – Transiting Jupiter in conjunction with natal Jupiter and transiting Saturn aspecting natal Jupiter, means that he will be a robust player today.

To summarise, Ganesha says that Gambhir, Rudra and Ravindra will play well for India and Abdur, Shakib and Naeem will play well for Bangladesh.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Rikhav Khimasia