ICC 20 Twenty World Cup Predictions for June 5th

Group B – England vs Netherlands

Friday 5, 17:30 local, 16:30 GMT, 1st match
Lord’s, London
Boss of the toss: England will win the toss
Prediction: England will win the match too

England Players
Ravi Bopara – Conjunction of transiting Mars, Mercury and Venus with his natal Sun allows him hit the ball more often and score good runs.

Owais Shah – Transiting Saturn in conjunction with his natal Saturn and the opposition of transiting Mars, Mercury and Venus to his natal Mars, Mercury and Venus will enable him to be cautious in his bowling and not let his opponents take more runs.

Stuart Broad – Transiting Mercury, Venus and Saturn square to his natal Mercury; Venus and Saturn, coupled with the conjunction of transiting Jupiter with natal Jupiter, may make him the highest boundary hitter.

Netherlands Players
Tom de Grooth – The total of his birth date 14th is 5 and today’s date being 5th, Numerology supports his captaincy and batting prowess.

Bas Zuiderent – Transiting Mars square his natal Mars and Saturn; this will give him the energy of a cautious but hard-hitting batsman.

Dirk Nannes – Transiting Mars square his natal Mars and Saturn and is in conjunction with natal Jupiter. This exerts pressure on his bowling and he will take good and fast wickets.

Thus, Ganesha feels that Bopara, Owais and Stuart will play well for England and Tom, Bas and Dirk will be the star performers for Netherlands.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Rikhav Khimasia

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