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Challenges to continue for HINDALCO

Challenges to continue for HINDALCO

Established in 1958 by Aditya Birla Group, the Hindustan Aluminum Corporation was restructured and renamed Hindalco Industries Limited in 1989. The Company primarily operates in Aluminum and Copper segments, and it is one of the leading producers in these two segments. In the stock-markets, Hindalco has been one of the stable companies, enjoying the trust of its shareholders and investors.

But the news of an FIR against the Company and its chairman, Kumar Mangalam Birla, in the Coal scam has caused some tremors in the stock-markets. The Central Bureau of Invstigation (CBI) has filed cases of cheating, forgery and financial misrepresentation. The share prices of Hindalco have gone down because of these latest developments.

Is the Company passing through a rough patch right now? Ganesha analyses the planetary positions in the horoscope of Hindalco and finds out the obstacles and challenges the Company may have to face in the near future.


In the Natal chart of Hindalco Industries, two negative planets Saturn and Ketu are in the House of Finance, whereas Mars and Rahu are in the 8th House. Sun, retrograde Mercury, Moon and Venus are together in the Gain House. Ganesha also notes the presence of Kaal Sarp Yoga in this Kundali. At present, the Company is under the influence of Venus Mahadasha, and the Saturn Antardasha in Venus Mahadasha will be in progress till 03-09-2014. This particular planetary combination may prove an average one for the Company. It will not be bring absolutely negative results for Hindalco Industries, though.

What’s next?

  • When Jupiter transits through the 5th House, it indicates an auspicious period for the company. Jupiter outlines activities like imparting trainings and educating the workers and also expansion of such facilities. An auspicious Jupiter brings an overall prosperity to the concerned enterprise.
  • But here (in the Kundali of Hindalco Industries) Jupiter is afflicted, and therefore it is likely to bring about adverse results and losses in speculative deals.
  • The transiting Sun, in the horoscope of Hindalco, is moving through the 8th House and Jupiter is in retrograde position. Hence, according to Ganesha, the Company will have some relief only post 7th March, 2014.
  • The Saturn-Rahu transit in the 9th House in Natal horoscope usually pronounce negative results. As far as Hindalco is concerned, the Saturn-Rahu conjunction is likely to invite disputes, trouble, legal wrangles and causes impediments in the smooth functioning of the business. It, in all likelihood, will restrict the Company’s growth activities. The government may impose taxing laws. The detractors may instigate the workers to raise impractical demands.
  • Although things may get somewhat better, Ganesha predicts that overall challenging period may continue till 14th July, 2014 for Hindalco.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team