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Have swimming champ Michael Phelps’ stars nosedived?

After a record-breaking eight gold medals at last year’s Olympics in Beijing, US swimming sensation Micheal Phelps is wading through troubled waters. His popularity has taken a beating after a British tabloid published a picture of Phelps smoking marijuana from a bong at a college party in South Carolina. As if losing a lucrative endorsement deal with Kellogg’s was not enough, America’s nodal swimming body, US Swimming, banned the 23-year-old from participating in any competitions for the next three months. The latest is that Phelps may face a possible drug charge.

What do the stars foretell? Will the badly-cornered sportsman’s public apology do some damage control? Will he be able to rise, phoenix-like, from this imbroglio? While the controversy is still raging, Ganesha takes a look at his natal chart and reviews his behavioral traits.

Michael Phelps’ rectified horoscope

As a child, Phelps was diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Since we only know his birth date, 30th June, this fact can come handy in determining his Ascendant. In this context, Ganesha feels that his time of birth could be between 1 32 am-2 55 am. Using this time frame for calculations, we find Aries is in Ascendant in his birth chart. As a result, all movable signs in the Angles are occupied by planets, which confirm his hyperactivity.

Meanwhile, the Ascendant Lord Mars is placed in the 3rd House in fiery Aries Navmansa, depicting the tremendous vigour and vitality that Phelps possesses. But debilitated Moon with Uranus in the 8th House shows the attention-deficit in his character.

When we think about drug addiction, Neptune immediately strikes our mind. He has Sun-Mars conjunction in opposition with Neptune. The transiting Neptune is exactly in square with natal Venus and Saturn, which spells an insecure and depressing period for Phelps. In the chart shown above, Venus is placed with Rahu, in opposition with Saturn-Ketu. Venus stands for pleasure and luxury and its afflictions are overindulgence and a tendency to seek pleasure through means fair or fowl.

The recent Solar Eclipse in the 10th House and the presence of five planets in square with Venus-Saturn Opposition has also played its role in adding fuel to the raging controversy surrounding the ace sports star.

We may also find some clues in Solar Arc chart, where the Solar arc Sun is in square with his natal Pluto and his Solar Arc Uranus is approaching in opposition to his natal Sun. In addition to this, Solar Arc Saturn is in conjunction with his natal Uranus, which points at tough challenges, depression and a very unsettling period ahead, like the one Phelps is facing right now.

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