Geeta will leave no stone unturned to make her first Karva Chauth memorable!

Geeta will leave no stone unturned to make her first Karva Chauth

Time is of essence for this relationship.Love knows no boundaries is thus proved by the fact that a good bowler like Harbhajan Singh was bowled over by model Geeta Basra’s exotic charm! This newly married couple is likely to spend lot of romantic moments this Karwa Chauth, which will be their first. What else lies in store for this couple? Ganesha looks at their Solar Horoscopes to predict.

Harbhajan Singh
Date of birth:- 3 July 1980
Time of birth- Unknown
City of birth:- Jalandhar, India


Geeta Basra
Date of birth:- 13 March 1984
Time of birth:- Unknown
City of birth:- Portsmouth, England


How will their married life be?

  • Harbhajan is born with retrograde Venus in Taurus, while Geeta is born with Venus in Aquarius. As there is a Square Aspect between their Venus, they are most likely to take more time to understand each other’s needs in love. On the other hand, because both have Venus in fixed signs, they won’t give up easily. This also indicates that they would try their level best to make this marriage a success.

How will they celebrate Karwa Chauth?

  • Geeta will try her level best to make this first Karwa Chauth after marriage special as transiting Venus will be in an Opposition Aspect to her Natal Venus. She will have a strong desire to be with her partner on that day and spend romantic moments. She’s likely to put in special efforts to make the day memorable for both of them.

Note:- Astrology cannot foretell if any celebrity will celebrate Karva Chauth or not hence there is just a description of the mood these celebrities would be in.

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