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Georgy Balakshin Vs Jitender Kumar

Georgy Balakshin Vs Jitender Kumar

The fists of fury are bruised but not beaten. That is precisely what the Indian boxers are showcasing, giving off beat performances at the Beijing 2008 Olympic games. As India’s Jitender Kumar confronts Georgy Balakshin of Russia today at 19 hours 16 min, Ganesha gives you a detailed analysis of the Event Chart and comes up with its prediction on who could emerge victorious in this match.

Date of Match:- August 20, 2008
Time of Match :- 19 hours 16 min.
Place of Match :- Beijing

Jitender Kumar v/s Georgy Balakshin Event Cusp Chart


Cusp Chart Table


Analysis of the Event Chart

Ganesha considers Georgy Balakshin (Player 1) as the Ascendant and Jitender Kumar (Player 2) as the Descendant according to the hierarchy in which their names appear in the official website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic games .

Ganesha observes that the match will commence in the Tenth House of the Aquarius Ascendant. The probability of Balakshin emerging victorious is high as Ganesha has identified him as the Ascendant. On the contrary, the Fourth House takes the side of India’s Jitendra Kumar where the the fruits of labour may not be realised today.

Also, it can be noticed from the chart above that the Cuspal Sub Lord, Jupiter, of the Tenth House is placed in the 11th House of gain and ‘fulfilment of desire’. This casts a favourable spell on Balakshin, due to the benevolent nature of Jupiter, with a salubrious disposition in the Cusp Chart.

At the same time, it can also be noticed that the Cuspal Sub Lord of the Fourth House, Saturn, is placed in the Seventh House of the Cusp Chart, (which, in fact, renders the status of Ascendancy to the Indian boxer, Jitender Kumar), with a disposition akin to Jupiter.

However, the malevolent Saturn also possesses an inherent tendency to procrastinate things and it is currently witnessed passing through the sign Leo, which places bottlenecks, thus deterring and hindering progress.

Compared to the planetary disposition of Saturn at present, Jupiter is witnessed transiting through its own sign with all its magnanimity, thus putting Georgy Balakshin on the echelons of triumph.


Having analysed the planetary dispositions, it can be said that Georgy Balakshin, with the ruling planets brining in the showers of triumph and hope, possesses an edge over his Indian opponent Jitender Kumar.

Ganesha wishes both the players good luck

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar,