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Ganesha says Sino-Indian relations may strain post August 2012

Ganesha says Sino-Indian relations may strain post August 2012

According to recent media reports, there has been a drastic rise in incursions by Chinese troops through the India-Tibet border near Leh and Ladakh region. A report said that some Chinese soldiers had recently entered the Chumar sector, east of Leh, and even threatened some Indian shepherds. The soldiers also painted ‘China’ on some of the rocks with a red spray paint. This incident comes on the heels of a protest lodged by Army chief General Deepak Kapoor with the Chinese authorities following a recent incident of a China-bound helicopter entering the Indian territory. In fact, there have also been reports of frequent incursions by the Chinese Army into Leh-Ladakh region since January 2009. Ganesha uses Vedic Astrology system to determine if the recent turn of events are indications of a turbulent Sino-Indian relationship in the future.

On October 1, 1949, the People’s Republic of China was formally established, when Mao announced the creation of a “people’s democratic dictatorship at a ceremony held in Beijing.

Chinese incursion into the Indian territory is not a new phenomenon. China has taunted India through military and political means for quite a while now. Saturn’s transit through the Leo from the 8th House of China’s country chart has revealed many uncomfortable plans against India, such as backing the Maoist activities in Nepal.

China is currently passing through the difficult transit of Rahu through the Ascendant. Riots and subsequent events in China’s Xinjiang province have shaken the political structure of the communist nation. Also, transiting Saturn though the 8th House has forced China to be on the defensive, as far as tackling the global economic crisis is concerned.

China is currently under the influence of Saturn Mahadasha-Venus Bhukti. Saturn is the Ascendant Lord and placed in the 8th House and Venus is in the 10th House in its own sign. So, Chinese authority will try to consolidate its position as an emerging world leader, and may want to wipe out any possible resistance. China will be preoccupied with its internal matters till mid-September 2010. In fact, from 2010 onwards, the country may face radical upheavals as Pluto will be in opposition with Uranus. It is no secret that China is preparing to become a world leader.

After October 2010, China may begin a massive military exercise and deploy thousands of troops on the Indo-China border. In 2011, China will struggle to maintain stability in the region. In 2013, the Saturn-Mars period will commence. Mars is placed in the 7th House (of war) and Saturn in the 8th House, with both the planets aspecting the 10th House. Repeated Chinese incursions into Indian territory may lead to a large-scale war similar to the one in 1962.

Also, transiting Rahu-Ketu will hit the most important axis of India’s country chart during the late 2012. Thus, the period starting from August 2012 looks highly sensitive for India.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar,