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Era Infra bags an order of Rs.83 Crore!

Era Infra bags an order of Rs.83 Crore!

Era Infra was originally incorporated as Private Limited Company on September 3, 1990, with the object to carry on the construction business. Subsequently by a special resolution passed by the shareholders in the Extra Ordinary General Meeting held on September 5, 1992, the Company was converted into a Public Limited Company with effect from October 19, 1992. The Company is engaged in the construction of Industrial Complexes since its incorporation.

Era Infra Engineering Ltd has bagged a contract for construction of the following at Sahara City Homes, Gwalior.

1)Independent houses (G+1) – Row Houses, Semi detached units and villas.
2)Multi storied Buildings (stilt+9 storey) – Tower B (2Nos) and Tower C (3 Nos).
3)Construction of independent houses and bituminous road at Sahara City Homes, Jaipur.

The Contract was awarded by Sahara India Commercial Corporation Ltd. The contract is valued at approx Rs.83 Crore.

Astrological Analysis:
The Company is having Leo rising Ascendant with deposition of Venus, Mercury and Sun in the first house. Ketu and Jupiter are in the 12th house. Mars is posited in the 10th house whereas Saturn is posited in Sagittarius. Moon is having 21:36:09 degrees in Capricorn.

Ascendant Lord is transiting from the 10th house over Mars-a lord of the 4th and the 9th house. It brings benefits through land and buildings as well as through fixed assets. It may lead the company towards robust financial earnings by through maximum production. But Ganesha finds some dissatisfaction amongst the employees because of the transit of Rahu over natal Rahu and Moon from the 6th house. After June 2008, the company may get overseas projects also, feels Ganesha. The placement of Jupiter in the 5th house favors yielding of good results in speculative market.

For commercial affairs of the company, the 6th house has great significance. It governs the workers, employees or staff members of an organization and also caters to the general health and condition of the personnel. The transit of Rahu may harm these things. Ganesha advises to perform “Rahu Shanti” to defeat problems of the 6th house.

What Next?
Short Term: Hold
Mid-Term: Buy
Long Term: Buy

In short, a bright future may meet Era Infra, feels Ganesha, because of the envisaged profits. The company may extend its wings towards the overseas land. However, it needs to manage the human resources well.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,