EPL Prediction For 21st January, 2007

Predictions for 21 January, 2007

As always the suspense created before a match starts has its own thrills and tantrums. To establish a direction of thought, predictions based on astrological fundamentals regarding these matches are given below. Percentages indicated are the WIN probabilities for each teams. Star players of each team have been classified according to their forecasted performance on that particular day.

Manchester United vs Arsenal

WIN Probabilities(in %)

Manchester United

Player Performance Indicator

Manchester United Arsenal
Excellent Wayne Rooney Henrik Larsson Henry van Persie
Good Ronaldo Giggs Adebayor
Average Saha Solskjaer Hleb Fabregas

Wigan Athletic vs Everton

WIN Probabilities(in %)

Wigan Athletic

Player Performance Indicator

Wigan Athletic Everton
Excellent McCulloch Heskey Arteta Carsley
Good Valencia Davies
Average Skoko Baines Johnson Beattie

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