Danai Udomchoke recovering from a knee injury

Though the knee injury has forced Danai to withdraw from his love tennis, he is confident enough to strike back with a new zeal this time. Ganesha finds out what future has in store for him.

Danai Udomchoke – a student of law and a wonderful tennis player had to go through a knee injury in the end of July 2007. In a horoscope, Capricorn rules knees. In Danai’s horoscope, Ketu (Dragon’s Tail) is in Capricorn. This Sun sign Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. In Danai’s horoscope, Saturn is debilitated in the Navmansha Chart (widely known as 9th division or D/9 chart). This indicates that his knees are a little weak.

Ganesha notes that when he got injured, transiting Saturn was debilitated and thus weak in its enemy’s sign Leo. Moreover, it was in conjunction with Ketu (the planet which is placed in Capricorn). Although, Saturn’s conjunction with Ketu was not degreecal, Mars was forming exact Square with transiting Saturn and it was exalted and powerful in the D/9 chart. Mars rules injuries and wounds and Saturn-the ruler of Capricorn signifies knees. This is why he was vulnerable at the time he got injured.

Although Danai has shown the spirit to participate in the US Open starting from August 27, 2007, he will need to be extra careful while playing. His performance may remain average in the US Open and he might also have to abandon the play due to this pain.

After August 13, 2007, when Saturn enters Taurus Navmansha, Danai might almost recover from this and will be back in full form again. He has Jupiter placed in Taurus Navmansha in his Natal Horoscope. Therefore, it is a favourable point for him.

So fans and friends of Danai, don’t worry, he is coming back with great confidence. A Lion (Leo) cannot be caged for a long time.

Ganesha wishes Danai fast recovery and good luck for the US Open!

Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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