Who Will Win Today’s Match – Japan vs Colombia Match Prediction

Published on June 18, 2018

Colombia Vs Japan(Image Source: Internet)

Football fans are now thinking who will win the the 15th match Colombia or Japan. In fact, with every passing day, FIFA World Cup 2018 is getting more and more interesting. Teams which are playing well are moving ahead, intensifying the competition day on day. In line with this trend, Colombia and Japan are going to play against each other on June 19th. Ganesha has done an astrological analysis and decoded the outcome of this match. Read on to know the prediction:

Event Details for the 15th Match, FIFA World Cup 2018
Colombia Vs Japan
Date of the Match: 19th June, 2018
Match Time: 5: 30 pm (Indian Standard Time)
Place of the Match: Saransk, Russia

Who Will Win: Colombia Or Japan: Top Players’ Predictions For Two Teams Of This Match

Colombia is banking on players like David Ospina, Camilo Vargas, José Fernando Cuadrado. On the other hand, important players in Japan include Eiji Kawashima, Masaaki Higashiguchi, Kōsuke Nakamura.

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Colombia Vs Japan: Predictions About Who Will Win Todays Match

As per Ganesha’s astrological predictions, Colombia is going to win this match. It’s going to be a good show for Colombia. But that will not mean that Japanese played badly.

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