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It’s a time for a major change in how Cricket is managed in India, foresees Ganesha

It’s a time for a major change in how Cricket is managed in India, foresees Ganesha

The famed Indian Premier League, the Twenty20 cricketing format annual tournament, started amidst much fanfare in the year 2008. In a matter of few years, especially thanks to India’s crazed love for the game of cricket, IPL shot to immense popularity and fame. Sadly, with fame come the scandals, controversies and rumours. Almost every IPL season has seen its fair share of controversies, and the recently concluded season 6, IPL 6, was nothing different. Only this time, the controversies left the back-rooms, stadia and the political-grounds, and entered what it-should-not-have – the actual battleground, the sacred game itself. Although betting has, more or less, been associated with the game and the gaming format of IPL, the fixing and spot-fixing scandal and the subsequent arrests and questionings in the IPL6 marred the entire aura of the event, and left many a fan jilted and skeptical! This sad thing has not only left a bad after-taste, but also has put a big question mark on the entire credibility of the event! What will follow? Ganesha looks at the foundation chart of the Indian Premier League and BCCI to give an answer. Read on!

In the foundation chart of IPL, Jupiter Bhukti in Mars Mahadasha is about to end and Saturn Bhukti will begin from 22nd August 2013 onwards. The Ascendant Lord Saturn is placed with Ketu and Sun in the Zodiac Sign Leo. So, the IPL and BCCI authorities shall be forced to get into the depth of the spot-fixing issues and code of conduct, even though they are willing to do so or not.

Although, the Supreme Court refused to ban the Indian Premier League, in view of the spot-fixing scandal, the transiting Saturn and Rahu in the foundation chart indicate that IPL shall face stiff challenges in coming two months. The ongoing inquires may reveal some hard facts, and it may put the BCCI authorities in a more complex situation.

Jupiter is an expansive planet, and it now transits through Gemini – it’s a planetary transit that indicates change in the larger picture. The transiting Jupiter in Gemini, thus, indicates that it is a time to change the dimension of the entire structure of the Cricket Management in India. The embarrassing disclosures will have a strong impact on the entire cricket world. The recent controversies and the outcome of probe related to the IPL 6 will also bring major changes in how the IPL functions in future.

At the same time, the BCCI foundation chart is also under afflictions. This complex planetary picture will surely put pressure on the powerful governing body of BCCI. A strict verdict or direction from the Supreme court is foreseen. The government may be forced to act stringently to regulate BCCI and IPL to bring more transparency. However, it is just a beginning!

The transiting Saturn in Scorpio will form a square with the Natal Sun and Saturn in the IPL chart, and it will conjunct the Natal Sun-Saturn in the BCCI chart. So, this whole episode can be reckoned as the beginning of the end of the BCCI monopoly in the Indian cricket. All in all, the transiting Saturn will augur major changes in the Cricket management in India, especially in the period between 2015 and 2017.

Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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