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To Err is Human – Champion’s Trophy 2013 Match Result Analysis!

To Err is Human – Champion’s Trophy 2013 Match Result Analysis!

Sports astrology is a special branch of astrology. Some of its rules are different from the often practised natal astrology. As there are no rules clearly defined in classical astrology texts to predict the result of modern sports, sports astrology has come into its being as as celestial science, after years of study, dedication, vision, innovation and experience.

We at GaneshaSpeaks have been practising this innovative science for at least eight years now. In our journey we have achieved satisfactory results in modern sports like Cricket, Tennis and Football. We have had many glorious achievements in the field of sports predictions, like two previous Cricket World Cups, T20 World Cups etc. It is our constant endeavour to predict the match results correctly. In the recent past, we achieved glorious success in predicting about the matches of IPL-6 and Champions Trophy 2013. Our success ratio is around 85%, which is quite satisfactory. We are thankful to our esteemed followers, who have bestowed us with their tremendous love, respect and honour.

Here we would like to bring up that our predictions for the Champion’s Trophy finals were not up to the mark. Thus, we would like to explain the match results astrologically, owing to the request of some of our valued viewers.

There are many rules to follow in this special kind of sports astrology. The Captain’s chart, Country Charts and Event Chart are the pillars of any match prediction. Out of these factors, the Event Chart is the most important, as it gives clear indications about how the match might progress and what could be the final result of the match. The Champions Trophy final was scheduled on 23rd June 2013, 10:30 local time, Birmingham. The event chart of that match was as follows –


As per the event chart created for the time 10:30 am, the Ascendant falls in the sign Leo. The Ascendant Lord Sun is in Gemini with the strong Mercury and Jupiter. The Yogakaraka Mars is placed in the 10th House and in the 11th House of Chalit chart. The most important planet Moon was in Sagittarius sign and Moola Nakshatra ruled by Ketu. As per our method, Ascendant was a significator of Team England.

The placement of Ascendant Lord, 10th House Lord and Moon were in favour of England. Whereas the Descendant Team India had some adverse planetary configuration. The Desc. Lord Saturn was retrograde in the star of Rahu and conjunct Rahu as well. The 4th House Lord Mars was in the grip of 10th House. Both the factors were not good for Team India. However, the placement of Moon and the three planets in sign Gemini were in favour of India. The inter-planetary aspects with POF were also in favour of England. So,England had advantage in the 10:30 event chart. England had advantage in other factors as well. So,we have predicted England win. However,rain did not allow the match to start at the scheduled time. It was rescheduled and started very late at 16:20 local time. It was a blessing in the disguise for India as the new event chart had many silver linings for Team India.

Event Chart – 16:20


The Ascendant falls in the sign Libra which again signifies Team England. Now,in this chart, retrograde Saturn falls exactly over the Ascendant point. The 10th House Lord Moon was in the star of Ketu. On the other hand,Moon was in trine with the 7th House. Moon trine Descendant is a strong testimony for Descendant Team India. Also, the 4th House Lord Saturn placed in the 11th House from Moon and three planets in the 9th House in trine with Saturn were also favourable indications for Team India. However,it was not easy for India as Ketu placed in the 7th House and strong Ascendant Lord in 10th House were in favour of England. But retrograde Saturn’s dampening effect on the 10th House and Ascendant Lord has helped India significantly. After almost loosing the match,India has emerged victorious. In this context,we can say that the rainfall in Birmingham was in fact the rain of blessings for team India. Prayers and blessing of millions of Indians were heard and eventually India became the Champions of the Champion. No doubt,Team India played well and Dhoni’s Captaincy was superb but at the same time destiny has also played its part.

It is undeniable that we have achieved marvellous success in predicting a sporting event in the past, but there is always a possibility of human error, which when coupled with the unforeseen changes in schedules can result in variances. But, with your love and faith in our skills, we wish and hope to continue to give our best, making you- our fans- proud of Astrology and its power.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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