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Cancer Love Match – Valentine’s Day Special

Aries is all about swift, open passion and self-love, while the Cancer is subdued, silent and secretive. They may be drawn initially to each other with an alarming intensity, but the bond requires a lot of adjustment. A short-term fling is a better idea here, for the Aries may soon get tired of the Cancer’s indirect ways.

This is a pair that is bound by a definite need for closeness – their reasons may be different, their sensibilities may be miles apart, yet they are perfect complements to each other. The Taurus craves physical intimacy, while the Cancer brings in the emotional connect – and together they become a force to reckon with. It’s a bond that can last for a lifetime!

This, as expected, is not going to be an easy match! Since they are different, the attraction may be potent for starters, but they may not be able to hold out for long for each other. The Gemini is too floaty and artful for the loyal Cancer’s comfort, while the Crab may be too sensitive and needy, which may scare the freedom-loving Gemini off.

This can be a match made in heaven, provided the two agree to speak their heart and mind out to each other. Both the Cancers may take a plenty of time to open up to each other, and each will have to be at his/ her tender best to ensure the other gets rid of his/ her fear of rejection and betrayal. Once together, the physical chemistry between the two will be ethereal.

The silent and reclusive Cancer meets the flamboyant and dominating Leo. But, the Lion should never take the Cancer’s silence as his submission. The Cardinal Sign Cancer also likes to lead, albeit silently, and thus may ensue the power struggles. Otherwise, this is an affair of passion, provided the Lion subdues himself a little, and the Cancer keeps getting inspired by the Lion’s fire.

This one has a potential to become a super-cosy relationship, for the practical Virgo will find a comfortable love nest in the sensitive Cancer’s arms, while the emotional Cancer will find a solid foundation in the sorted Virgo’s meticulous world. Perfect? Yes, provided when the both are ready to embrace each other with complete trust and faith.

Barring the Cancer temperament and wavering moods, there is hardly anything major that would affect this lovely relationship. The Libra will love the calm, profound sensibilities of the Cancer, while the other will whole-heartedly appreciate and embrace the Libra’s detached yet charming approach to a lot of things in life. Definitely a long-term match!

The silent sceptic meets the silently sensitive in this beautiful, dedicated relationship! Both the Water Signs find it hard to open up and trust others. No wonder, they understand each other very well, and carefully make space for the other in this warm, secretly intense, loving relationship. Only flaw – the Cancer is possessive while the Scorpio is jealous – together they make a sublime yet an explosive combo.

Let’s accept that these two are essentially very different people – Sagittarius loves to wander, while the Cancer loves to cling to his home; the Archer is a free bird, while the Crab feels the happiest when tied in a loving bond. So, there’s not much in common, you see! The difference may be intriguing for starters, but for the long-term, not much can be said.

When they love, they give it all – both of them are loyal, dedicated and ardent – especially towards each other. And, for them, love is a serious issue – the flings are out, the true love is in! The Capricorn sense of responsibility fuels the Cancer sense of care-giving, and vice versa. And, the pair lives happily ever after! Till, the Cancer matches the Capricorn drive and ambition, that is!

One thing is sure – when these two meet, fireworks ensue! It’s another thing that the sparks may not last for long. Goes without saying that the physical chemistry and the initial attraction between the two is amazing. However, this very sexy relationship is unsuitable for a long-term bond like marriage. The possessive Cancer may find it hard to accept the freedom-loving Aquarius ways.

The two Water Signs make a sweet combination; they are in tune with each other’s needs and rhythms to a great extent. Thus naturally, there exists a gentle balance between them. Well, in most matters! The physical compatibility between them is excellent, as each fulfils other’s void with a tender alacrity. However, there comes a gap when the Cancer fails to match the Pisces notion of ideal.

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