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Beckham may have to bend over backwards

Beckham may have to bend over backwards

The big star of football, David Beckham is the apple of everyone’s eye in the Big Apple (New York). However, according to Ganesha, the star soccer player may have to face tough time ahead.

His birth number is 2, which is ruled by Moon. People with 2 as Birth Number do well in a group setting and have the ability to maintain harmony within crowd which is good for team game like Football. It denotes charming personality and makes the person imaginative and crowd puller.

His life path number is 11, which is a Master Number. Freedom and responsibility always comes together with a Master Number. If a person with Master Number as Life path number opts to act responsibly and uses the power of this number in constructive manner, he tends to get tremendous reward.

According to Chaldean method, his Name DAVID BECKHAM comes to 11, which is master number and has a superb harmony with his Birth number as well as Life path number. Such harmony between Life path Number, Birth Number and Name Number can be a boon for any person and Beckham is perfect example of that. That’s why he understands the need for cooperation and enjoys the company of others.

He has D as Foundation Letter in his Name. It identifies someone with a pragmatic approach to life and having great analytical skills to ensure projects move towards completion efficiently.

A is the first Vowel in his Name suggests he is far more determined and ability to stand against odds and challenges in life.

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A Person with such a magnetic personality and wonderful skills is finding life very difficult in year 2007. Why? His personal year number is 7 in this year. This number tells what is happening in life this year. He was transferred to Los Angeles Galaxy this year. But 7 as Personal Year number does not support “spectacular transfer”. It’s a year of struggles. He may have postponements in business and financial affairs as well. Keywords for personal year 7 are Withdrawn, Depression, Spiritual, Health, Money losses, Vacations, Legal issues, Spouses and health.

For Beckham, year 2007 is of preparation, chance, and improvement. It is not a time of dramatic changes. It’s a good year to study, introspect and analyze skills. Unexpected twists to his life are very much probable. Ganesha advises him to examine his life in order to enjoy more exciting years to come, look at the past and plan for the future. He should not strain himself too much during this year.

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Ganesha wishes him all the luck!!!!!

Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar