Anil Kumble: Can Become India’s Coach After T20 World Cup

Anil Kumble: Can Become India’s Coach After T20 World Cup

Indian cricketer and former coach, Anil Kumble may get the chance to captain Team India again. The tenure of current coach Ravi Shastri is coming to an end after the T20 World Cup in Oman. In such a situation, BCCI is looking for a new coach and Anil Kumble has been asked to apply for the same. Are his chances solid, or fate is about to throw a googly? Let’s find out.

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New Responsibilities In 2023

Anil Kumble was born on Oct 17, 1970, in Karnataka. The placement of Sun, Mars and Mercury in Virgo gives them good analytical skills. Opposite to those planets, the Moon and Saturn are creating Vish Yoga. Due to which he has had ups and downs as a coach.

Talking about the future, the path to becoming a coach is not easy for him. Perhaps in the last three months of 2022, there is a possibility. Before that, the chances look slim for him to become the coach. However, some responsibilities in the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) surely await him in 2023.

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