A big battle for Chennai Super Kings

Deccan Chargers take on Chennai Super Kings on Tuesday May 27, 2008 at their home ground Hyderabad. Deccan Chargers will be hoping to avoid the ignominy of losing every match after winning two. It is a crucial match for Chennai Super Kings as they are still halfway to reaching the semi finals. Both the Captains have similar planetary positions on the day of the match.

Deccan Chargers captain Adam Gilchrist was born on November 14, 1971. On the day of the match the transiting Moon would be passing over Natal Mars and is in quincunx aspect with Natal Moon and Sampat Tara will be in influence which is troublesome for him and so he has to play carefully.

The captain of Chennai Super Kings ,M S Dhoni was born on July 7, 1981 in Ranchi. On the day of the match the transiting Moon would be passing through the 9th house of luck and Vipat Tara will be in influence which indicates harsh conditions and stiff competition.

According to Ganesha Adam Gilchrist is probably in a better shape than MS Dhoni. However, the outcome of the match will depend on the planetary influences on the other team members as well. So choosing the right team combination will be of crucial importance for both the teams.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Hitendra H Thakor,

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