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What Games Planets Played in Shreyas Iyer’s Century?

The test for India got easy as Shreyas Iyer knocked a brilliant century on Nov 26th, 2021, against New Zealand. Shreyas Iyer became the 16th Indian to score a century in his Test debut against New Zealand. Let’s see what the future holds for him and how the stars were aligned when he scored a century on the field.

Shreyas Iyer’s horoscope appears to be very favourable. It says that it was a very excellent day for him to create a record in the match. On the day of the game, the transit of the moon supported the Mars of his birth. And, of course, Saturn and Venus are in their own signs, showering the batsman with limitless good fortune.

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Till April 2022, the time looks ideal for him. After that, he may have to work a little harder. Let us tell you that four major planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu, will be transiting in April 2022. This might be game-changing for Shreyas Iyer.

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