Year 2008, Political Crisis In India- and its Future

What is India going through in year 2008/2009 based on SCEINCE of VEDIC ASTROLOGY and NUMEROLOGY?

Introduction: Have you ever wondered why is there a political crisis in India at this point of time and what is happening – I mean is it by magic or a result of actions of political parties or is it the will of GOD or the stars/numbers? What is it?

OK.Let us analyze and see it for ourselves.

Astrological Explanation:

Based on the astrology chart of India, it is running Venus Mahan-Dasha currently, with mercury Antar-Dasha till July starting 2008(running since past around 3 years).

We all know that mercury stands for commerce and yes instability as well. Sri Manmohan Singhji being our PM and an eminent economist and supported by P Chidambaramji- has definitely contributed in general towards commerce/economy of the country in the past (We should not forget the improvement in state revenue collection and how the investment process has been improved)- barring the current crisis which is due to the reasons which we will explore. We have also seen the instability of planet mercury in the relationship of CONGRESS and the LEFT PARTIES.

But why did this problem not surface in the mercury antar-dahsa? You will notice that Congress name sharts with syllable “ka” ruled by mercury- this gave some protection to the CONGRESS party in mercury antar-dasha in the last few years-despite problems.

Now how did the failure in economy happen- with an eminent economist (Prof Manmohan Singh) leading the country?

After the first week of July 2008,Ketu antar-dasha- has started and ketu being a malefic planet, the impact based on India’s horoscope would be on partnerships.

Nuclear deal we all know how it went!-deal is actually a kind of partnership and also we know what has happened to the partnership of left parties and congress.

The additional impact would be on the gains/income of the country (we know how the money flow/investments are faring in the country)and also on the energy aspect(we know the petrol prices- no surprises if we look at the problem from the angle of astrology).

Also as we know ketu in general is a malefic and has a contracting influence on anything. So we could expect contraction/elimination of partnerships, income/economy and energy/fuel related matters in general. Now you can see how exactly the science of astrology helps us to see the trend of events and prepare/arm ourselves better.

The above trends would continue for some time – that is upto around 2009 August .

Numerological Explanation:

Based on numbers/numerology also- INDIA = 9+5+4+9+1 = 28=1-the planet SUN. Its number is 1 and is born on (taking western date system)- 15th+8(August)+1947 = 6+8+21 = 6+8+3= 17=8 = planet SATURN. So the destiny of India is ruled by planet SATURN.

Also the year 2008 is ruled by number 1(ONE)= SUN as 2008= 2+0+0+8 = 10=1= SUN.

Now the year number SUN acts against the destiny of our country which is ruled by SATURN(SUN and SATURN generally work against each other)- which causes obstacles, separations. This is what we are observing currently.

Also the name INDIA comes to number ONE= SUN, so two sun numbers (INDIA= ONE=SUN and 2008=ONE=SUN) coming together in year 2008 – means a lot of troubles and problems can be solved only by initiative and will power. Also SUN = EGO, so you see more of ego problems of left parties cropping up in year 2008. This is all getting confirmed by the events around.

So this year as we discussed is of vibration of planet SUN, which works against the vibrations of our destiny of INDIA = SATRUN- and hence we see obstacles etc.

Next year 2009= 2+0+0+9= 11=2 = MOON, which again is inimical/against the INDIA’S destiny equal to planet SUN- hence we would see troubles for most part of the year 2009 as well. This confirms what we predicted based on astrology.

So both ways based on astrology and numerology we can predict the pattern of future events.

What kind of Influence does India,Left Parties and Congress exert astrologically on each other?

Astrological & numerological-combined- Explanation:

Now you might be wondering what kind of influence does the LEFT PARTIES have on each other, COUNTRY and CONGRESS. Also note that there are a lot of parties in the LEFT starting with letter C(Hindi “sa”)- CPI(M) same as congress.

Left parties start with syllable “La” – ruled by MESHA RASHI /ARIES, which is ruled by planet of energy MARS.

Also there are a lot of parties with “C” alphabet/syllable “SA” in the starting in the LEFT PARTIES (CPI(M). So we could say “SA” also has an influence on them .Now “sa” is KUMBHA RASHI/AQUARIUS ruled by the planet of obstacles and industry – SATURN.

You nay notice that CONGRESS is also ruled by syllable “.KA” = MITHUNA RASHI/Ruled by planet MERCURY.

INDIA has syllable “EE” = VRISHABHA/TAURAUS = ruled by planet VENUS.

Let us do a systematic analysis.

  • LEFT PARTIES = MARS energy PLUS a lot of SATURN energy
  • INDIA = VENUS by NAME(also born on15=6= VENUS) PLUS SATRUN,.

MARS opposes SATURN energy- so you may see strong differences within LEFT PARTIES- that is one of the reasons it took them so long to come to a conclusion.

For MARS energy (left parties), MERCURY energy is harmful- as you can see this is what has been a source of conflict many a times. Mars= energy= Nuclear energy also and Mercury is for communication. We know nuclear energy is a way of communication of energy just like electrical energy , solar energy are all means of communication. So we see a conflict here.

LEFT PARTIES and CONGRESS combined together- well for industry, philosophy- but yes created obstacles..- delay.

Year number 2008 = SUN – works against Left parties (SATRUN + MARS) also CONGRESS (Saturn) and INDIA (Venus)

What to expect in the current phase?
So, based on the astrological and numerological analysis we could expect problems with deals, partnerships, petrol/gas and the economy for at least the year to come.

How could Astrology Numerology help you?
If one could identify the current set of energies working onus – we would be forewarned and armed to deal with it better. Just like if we know rains are going to come we could use an umbrella to protect ourselves- but still we will get somewha
t wet- but definitely less than without the umbrella. Name change and Vedic remedies help us to arm ourselves with the right kind of weapons to deal with any kind of problems we face now or could face in future.

Wishing you all the best and God Bless you ALL!

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,

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