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Will Pakistan have an N -Deal Similar to that of India?

Will Pakistan have an N -Deal Similar to that of India?

Introduction: India, one of the fastest developing countries in the world entered into a treaty with the US by the virtue of which the former could trade in nuclear energy; especially import it from the 45 countries that produce, enrich and sell uranium- a vital ingredient for production of nuclear energy that India needs most desperately in order to meet its power ( electricity) requirements. The US also successfully lobbied for India in the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group (NSG) to effect a waiver to the condition that India sign the Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) to enter into the commerce of nuclear energy. Now, it is widely reported that Pakistan, a country with a long history of hostility towards India and also having nuclear capability, is anxious to have nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and that in order to be able to avail of the same, its newly elected President Asif Ali Zaedari is making a trip to China to forge a deal -similar to that between India and the US. Will Pakistan and China, countries with whom India has fought wars in the past- make such a deal? Ganesha tries to find an answer.

In order to have answer to this complicated but interesting question let us have a close look at the Natal chart of Birth of Pakistan.Pakistan Country Chart (Nation’s Horoscope)

14th August 1947
00 hours 00 min.
Karachi, Pakistan

The Ascendant at the time of Birth is that energetic and sort of quarrelsome Aries. The Lord of Ascendant Mars is placed in dual sign Gemini in the 3rd house along with Moon, lord of the 4th house. Geminians have a tendency to hide more than what is expressed. With Mars in Gemini placed in the 3rd house makes it a shrewd customer. In the 4th house there is a cluster of four planets. Venus, Saturn are in combust state on account of presence of Sun. With lord of the 7th house and 2nd house Venus in combust state the freedom could not reach to common man for long.

Now let us see the 10th house and placement of Lord thereof. Lord of 10th house Saturn is combust and placed in the 4th house. This shows insecurity for the rulers. They seem to enjoy enormous powers and even then always worried about being displaced. Lord of the 10th house currently transits in expressive Leo in the 5th house. Rahu (North node) transits through Capricorn in the 10th house at present.

This means two things, one the ruler faces new challenges since entry of Saturn in the 5th house, from around July 2007. Entry of Rahu, in the 10th house, forced then existing rulers to quit. But the irony is that even the present ruling coalition is likely to find it difficult to manage the affairs. Note that Ketu (South node) transits through the 4th house, house of ambition. Ketu is likely to have debilitating influence. Rulers of Pakistan are likely to be too busy with internal affairs to communicate effectively with international community over the titled issue. Besides, Ganesha feels the present arrangement is likely to see major change within around a year.

In view of lack of creditability and adverse transit of planets, Ganesha feels Pakistan does not stand a chance to get an N – Deal similar to that of India.

Ganesha’s Grace
Bharat Trivedi