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Uttarakhand Assembly Elections- 2007

Uttarakhand Assembly Elections- 2007

The countdown for the elections to the Uttarakhand Assembly has begun. Polling in Uttarakhand is scheduled on February 21, 2007.

Congress and BJP are the main competitors in this hill state. On the day of elections, the transiting Sun along with Mercury and Rahu would be moving in the 12th house of Congress natal chart. The significator of power and authority Sun in the 12th house does not seem particularly good for the ruling party. Transiting Saturn would be moving retrograde in 5th house over natal Mars. This Saturn-Mars conjunction is not desirable for Congress. The transiting Ketu in the 6th house may create tough conditions and fierce competition. The transiting Moon over the natal Ketu may not help their cause. The current Dasha of Rahu-Moon is indicating wayward and confusing mindset of leaders. We all know many of the top leaders are not contesting the elections.

The transiting Jupiter may help Congress though. Thus, Congress party may not loose the battle totally but its strength may reduce in the Assembly.

In the horoscope of BJP, the transiting Jupiter is in moon sign in the 6th house connected with competitions. Transiting Moon and Venus are in the 10th house. Lord of 5th house- Venus exalted in the 10th house, is indicating much-improved performance in these elections. Transiting Sun in 9th house of luck indicates that they have better chances of getting power to form government. Venus-Saturn-Ketu period does not seem helping them to form government independently.

In these assembly elections, BJP has better chances of forming government with the support of other parties and independent candidates.

Good luck! May Lord Ganesha bless all the candidates and people of the beautiful state Uttarakhand!

Ganesha’s Grace
Tanmay K.Thakar