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Unrest in Burma

Unrest in Burma

Burma’s superstitious rulers have always been guided by a belief in prophecies, numerology and magic.It is said that the time and date of the ceremony of independence from Britain was also chosen according to astrology. If so, looking at the state of the country since, they must have been fairly terrible astrologers.

A look at the astrological chart of Burma tells an interesting story of its history and its significance in light of recent protests in that country over the past weeks.

Jupiter- the greatest benefic is ascending in the chart in Sagittarius in its own sign generally considered a fortunate placement but right from beginning Burma has hardly made progress in any manner. The Jupiter, though well placed in the natal chart, is debilitated in Navmansa loosing its vitality considerably and adding to this debilitated Rahu placed in the Navmansa Ascendant indicates an inward looking repressive country driven by dispute with poor living conditions. Mars is Vargottama in the 10th house (house of ruler), suggesting rule by generals and military rather than democracy. Pluto- the planet of death and rebirth opposes Venus (partnerships) in the chart, which in a national chart could indicate the presence of open enemies and internal conflict within the country as well as from those outside more so in this case because Venus is the Lord of 7th house in Burma’s country chart.

The Moon conjunct Neptune (idealism) and both square exactly the Sun. Neptune’s square to the Sun always creates confusion with respect to the identity. And the Moon/Neptune conjunction shows a tendency towards deception. Following Burma’s independence from the British Empire in 1948, a military coup in 1962 ended democratic rule there.

The horoscope for Myanmar’s military regime can be set for that coup which happened on September 18, 1988; 4:00 pm; Rangoon.

In this chart, Sun is placed in the military service sign Virgo in square with Saturn-Uranus conjunction. The effect of this combination is prominent now as the transiting Pluto is hovering over the Saturn and Uranus.

Small rallies over an increase in fuel prices took a dramatic turn on September 5 when the army handled the protest in brutal manner and killed a number of protestors. Saturn- Pluto conjunction always indicates a disciplinary affirmation of conservative and reactionary authority. The transiting Mars is moving in the opposition of Saturn and in square with Sun indicating the extremely confrontational scenario.

The transiting Saturn moving in the 8th house with Ketu seems critical and decisive for this military regime. Transiting Mars will stay in Gemini till 28th April 2008, which may cause many problems for the authority and more protest and bloody demonstration may create a chaos in Myanmar. In the month of November, transiting Mars will be retrograde and transiting Pluto in the conjunction with natal Uranus may make revolutionary changes in Myanmar.

We wish the people of Burma all the luck and may this wonderful nation showered with peace and success!

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,