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Intensified Separatist Influence & the ‘Chinese Angle’ Won’t Let Peace Prevail In Kashmir

Intensified Separatist Influence & the ‘Chinese Angle’ Won’t Let Peace Prevail In Kashmir

The Kashmir issue, has over the years proved to be one of India’s sensitive spots and this very spot has been attacked and pricked by various separatist and terrorist forces, which are primarily sponsored by the country’s arch rival and neighbouring state – Pakistan. The valley has witnessed a lot of turbulence and violence over the years, and the peace processes initiated by the two countries at various levels have never borne the desired fruit. In the recent times, various events have drawn national and international attention towards the burning issue of Kashmir and there have been divergent views about the issue. With the elimination of Burhan Wani – the Hizbul Mujahideeen commander by the security forces, there have again been violent protests and eruptions in the valley. In the recent past, the news that made it to the national television was of the NIT Srinagar episode. Almost every day, there are intense gun-battles between the militants and the security forces. The beautiful valley now seems more of a battle-zone rather than a paradise. When will this all come to an end? What will be the future of the state which has got the maximum amount of unwanted attention? Will India be able to gain total control over the peace-breaking elements?

Ganesha presents the predictions and analysis in this exclusive article and gives us an idea of how the coming times may prove to be for the Valley – which is called ‘The Paradise On Earth’.

The Foundation Chart
Independent India
15th August, 1947
00:00 Hours


The Current Astrological Scenario:
Currently, Saturn is transiting in a retrograde motion and is in conjunction with Mars in the Scorpio Sign. The transiting Saturn is also aspecting the Jupiter, Rahu, Mercury and Venus in Leo. This configuration is really an ominous sign for India and the Kashmir region. Due to this transit of Saturn and its resultant influences, there will be a lot of difficulties and challenges in dealing with this issue and there may be stiff resistance from various forces.

The Alternative Astrological Perspective:
The Sun will enter the Leo Sign on 16th August, 2016, and a detailed look at the Solar Ingress Chart indicates more challenges and hurdles for the Government and the administration to deal with this issue. The Sun is placed in the 8th House of the Solar Ingress Chart. The 8th House represents disputes, tension, turbulence, misfortune and adversities. This placement of the Sun indicates crisis-like situations in the border states, frequent clashes with the neighbouring countries, agitations and disruptions. The Kashmir and various other border states are likely to witness a rise in infiltration bids, which would be an attempt to disrupt the peace and harmony of these regions. Ganesha also feels that as India is under the influence of Moon major-period and Mars sub-period, there may be an increased emphasis on the propaganda through communication. This is because, both the planets happen to be associated with the 2nd House and 3rd House – the Houses which happen to signify communication and propaganda. Thus, we may witness the terror outfits taking the help of the social-networking platforms to spread their ideas.

India and Pakistan – The Eternal Rivals?
The tension and tumult between India and Pakistan because of the Kashmir issue may intensify during the later part of the year 2016. There may be some stability in certain aspects and some respite from the the current set of issues and problems after 17th September, 2017. But it would be better not to expect too much of ‘Aman’, as the overall factors do not indicate consistency in this matter. India is presently passing through the Moon major-period and Mars sub-period. Mars represents violence, unrest, armed resistance, war-like situations and aggression. So, adverse impacts may be felt till the end of January 2017.

The ‘Performance’ Of The Non-State Actors
Till the aforesaid period, Ganesha feels that the terror outfits and militant groups would keep creating more hassles and there may be increased confrontations between the peace-breakers and the peace-makers. And, the planets indicate that the Security forces are also not going to go soft and would rather be prepared to give it back in almost equal force. We may witness increased damage to the militant groups. This means that the contests are going to get intensified.

The Solar Eclipse On September 1 – More Complications In Store?

Adding to this all, the Solar Eclipse, which will be occurring on 1st September, 2017, may prove to be unfavourable for India and Kashmir both. India is assigned the Capricorn Sign and the Sun-Rahu conjunction in the 8th House from Capricorn indicates difficult situations for the ruling alliance in Kashmir. There may be a lot of conflicts and as the Sun is adversely positioned, the Government may have to face extremely problematic and tricky situations. Because of this, even the common masses in the valley state may rebel against the administration, being under the influence of the separatist forces. So, even the year 2016 doesn’t seem to be very favourable for things to get better in Kashmir.

The Chinese Angle – Not the ‘Right’ Angle!
Ganesha in his 360 degree analysis, comes across the Chinese angle and feels that things may get aggravated because of this factor. This element may work against the interest of India and may cause concerns for the country’s internal security. The interference of China in strategically sensitive issues may dent India’s overall prospects.

Ganesha’s Parting Words
Apart from the Kashmir issue, Ganesha feels that Jammu and Kashmir and the neighboring states will also be prone to natural calamities. The things in the Kashmir region may get better only post January 2017. But, considering the broader picture, Ganesha says that the Kashmir conflict is not going to get resolved easily and the rift between India and Pakistan may keep getting wider in the years to come.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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