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Suharto’s health under dark clouds

Suharto’s health under dark clouds

Suharto a former Indonesian political leader and a military officer, former President of Indonesia is at present passing through Critical health. He was hospitalized in Jakarta’s Pertamina Hospital on 4th January 2008. He is suffering from ailments like weak heart, swellin of limbs and stomach and partial renal failure. There is internal bleeding and kidney is also affected.

Suharto’s time of birth is unavailable hence Ganesha has casted his Surya Kundli to study his health condition. Sun is in Taurus as per Vedic Horoscope, along with Mars at critical degree 29. There is a degreecal Square between Sun and Saturn. Sun rules heart and related matters. Saturn also forms Square with Mars which rules blood circulation. Both the planets are in Square with Saturn which indicates the potential of ailments concerning heart and blood circulation.

Suharto is experiencing ‘Uranus Return’ phase at present. Transiting Uranus is approaching Square to Natal Sun and Mars. Transiting Mars is at present retrograde passing through Gemini where his Natal Moon and Mercury are placed. As time of birth is unavailable, Moon’s degree cannot be determined but for the entire day of his birth, Moon was in Gemini only. Mars’ transit over Natal Moon indicates operation, which he has already undergone on 5th January 2008. On the day he undergone the operation, transiting Moon was exactly opposite to his Natal Sun and it was in the sixth house of diseases from his Natal Moon. Moreover, transiting Moon was in opposition with his Natal Mars. All the factors are pointing towards surgery he has undergone. At birth, his Mars and Sun both are in Mrigshirsha Constellation ruled by Mars. Transiting Mars is also passing through Mrigshirsha Constellation at present. Till end of first week of March 2008, Mars will be transiting through Mrigshirsha Nakshatra (Constellation) so period till then is critical for him, in view of Uranus’ applying Square aspect to Natal Sun along with Mars’ such a strong disposition in it’s own Constellation. Transiting retrograde Saturn is not forming any degreecal aspect with his Natal Sun but because it is a large planet in size, Ganesha considers it to have larger orb too. It’s Square with Sun indicates slower recovery from illness. Transiting Rahu is also in Square with Natal Sun, passing through Dhanishtha constellation ruled by Mars.

As all planetary conditions explained above are very negative for health, Ganesha feels that time till 29th January 2008 is very crucial for him. 12th and 13th January 2008 are most critical dates when transiting Moon passes over his Natal Uranus. Unfortunately, Ganesha feels that his health may deteriorate further and there are hardly any scopes of healthy recovery.

Despite adverse planetary positions explained here, Ganesha prays for his recovery.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni