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Sonia Gandhi Will Have To Ensure That She Remains Illness-Mukt In The Upcoming Year

Sonia Gandhi Will Have To Ensure That She Remains Illness-Mukt In The Upcoming Year

Antonia Edvige Albina Maino or Sonia Gandhi – the powerful President of the Indian National Congress has been facing some health problems of late. Though there isn’t much on Sonia’s platter currently, the upcoming elections in various important states of India will keep her on her toes, as her party is desperately struggling to gain some strength in the election-bound states, in order to better its fortunes. In this article, we present a detailed picture of the path that lies ahead for the UPA Chairperson.

Sonia Gandhi
Date of Birth: 9th December, 1946
Time of Birth: 21:30 Hours
Place of Birth: Lusiana, Italy


Sonia Gandhi is born in Cancer Ascendant and she is currently under the influence of Ketu Mahadasha and Jupiter Bhukti.

This period will remain very troublesome for her health. Jupiter is the Lord of 6th house (the house of diseases), and is placed in the 4th house with Venus which makes her prone to back pain, blood disorders, kidney and hormonal disturbances or problems.

Also, the transiting Saturn is moving over the Natal Sun in the 5th house which indicates weak resistance level and fragile immune system. So, her health will require care and proper attention. She will be under the influence of Saturn Bhukti from 17th July, 2017. Adding to this, the transiting Rahu will be passing through the Ascendant over the natal Saturn from mid August 2017. Saturn is the Lord of 7th house (Maraka Sthana) and 8th house (House of longevity). It is placed in its own star and retrograde in the Ascendant. So, there is an indication of severe health issues and sickness post August 2017. Her energy levels will need constant watch and extra care will be required to preempt complications.

Sun is the Maraka planet in her chart, as it owns the 2nd House, and transit of Saturn over the Sun may not augur well for her. As the Sun is in conjunction with the natural malefic Ketu, this period may give rise to greater troubles.

The Maraka Sun’s conjunction with the malefic Ketu and its aspect on Rahu in the 11th House indicates legal issues and health problems as well. This shows that there will be lot of struggle and will require lot of efforts to manage her image.

However, she is under the influence of Jupiter Bhukti. Jupiter forms an excellent combination in the 4th house. Thus, this period will help her to tackle various problems well.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar,