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Will Scotland get a different country status and get separated from UK?

In the year 1707, the kingdoms of Scotland and England were united to form the Kingdom of Great Britain, which in 1801, was united with the Kingdom of Ireland to form the current United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, better known as the United Kingdom. Today, the United Kingdom fears and faces a major turmoil – of the Scottish independence.
The sovereign state of UK that comprises of four countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland has witnessed a major change in the relationships among these countries over the time. Divided over issues of oil and currency, among others, the current crisis of the Scots seeking severance of ties and independence is not new. The Scottish National Party, whose central aim has been Scotland’s independence, won the 2011 Scottish Parliament elections by a landslide, which gave them a mandate to stage a vote for independence.

The truth is Scotland already controls pieces of its government, such as the court system. But, its economy, culture and governance are deeply enmeshed with that of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Even when the Scottish nationals vote for the referendum, the 800,000 Scots living in other parts of the UK, but not in Scotland, shall not be allowed to vote. For the government led by Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond, disentangling Scotland from the rest of the U.K. would be a daunting task.
Thus, all depends now on what the people residing in Scotland want. Will they say ‘Yes’ in majority? Will Scotland separate as a separate country? GaneshaSpeaks.com looks at the perplexing equation by looking at the United Kingdom’s various formation Charts (prepared basis the major years/ dates in the nation’s history) to predict the way ahead.

As per UK’s Country Chart created for the year 1927, the Dasha period in influence when the referendum is to be held is Saturn-Mercury-Moon. Saturn is retrograde in the Ascendant and Mercury, the Lord of 8th House is debilitated in the 5th House of this Chart. The transiting Ketu is moving over Sun and Mercury.
Such planetary configurations indicate a strong case of Scottish independence from the United Kingdom with this referendum.
As per UK’s Country Chart created for the year 1801, the Dasha period currently in influence is Rahu-Rahu-Venus. As the transiting Rahu is passing through the Ascendant of this Chart, this planetary combination and Chart also indicates a strong Scottish challenge against the “Great” Britain.

The monthly horoscope created for the month of September 2014 for the UK also indicates a strong planetary support to the ongoing independence campaign by Scotland.
The Chart of The Union of England and Scotland, created for the year 1707, is under the influence of Saturn Mahadasha and Rahu Bhukti. The transiting Rahu is passing through the 10th House of this Chart, over the Natal Moon of this Chart. This indicates tough situations for the ruling party of the United Kingdom and also a difficulty in convincing the Scots to remain united.

All in all, there is no doubt that the contest will be very close.
But, the transiting Jupiter will act as a saving feature for the UK. Also, Jupiter is aspecting the 4th House of UK’s New Year Chart. So, the last-moment efforts may have the ability to save the Great Britain from this impending, looming partition.
And, owing to this planetary influence, it is likely that the Scottish leaders might miss the chance of declaring independence by a narrow margin.

However, despite a very likely ‘NO’ vote by the Scottish people in the forthcoming referendum, Ganesha sees a distinct possibility of the Scottish parliament getting more powers and some constitutional reforms by the UK government leading to it all.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team