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Samak Sundaravej PPP leader begs coalition partners

Samak Sundaravej PPP leader begs coalition partners

Samak pleads for unity People Power party (PPP) leader Samak Sundaravej has requested his five political allies not to withdraw their support from he newly-formed 315-seat government in order to ensure the stability of the new administration.

His answer to journalists’ questions clearly indicate the anxiety he is carrying at present. His reply was “How can you ask this kind of question? Don’t you know the answer will be made by voting in the parliament, not in this room? Do you get it?”

Ganesha would like to present a small study on Samak Sundaravej’s horoscope

Samak Sundaravej
Date of birth 13th June 1935
Birth time and birth place unavailable

Samak Sundaravej Surya Kundli

Planetary positions in Samak Sundaravej’s Surya Kundli

Ganesha notes that Samak Sundaravej’s Sun Sign is Gemini. It reflects that he is intelligent by nature. His Air Element is very high so he is practical enough by nature. As per Vedic Astrology, his Moon is in Libra and symbol is ‘Scales’ so they believe in perfect balance. Those who have high earth element are very much aware of ‘ground realities’ and they can understand gravity of matters very well when it comes to practical decisions of life. In Mr. Samak’s horoscope Ganesha clearly observes, the strong desire to maintain balance keeping practical aspects of the matter in mind, is very high. His Natal Sun is in Mrigshirsha Constellation which is why he has reacted to journalists in a very ‘Fiery Manner’ but his ultimate goal is ‘balance’ which a political party requires to sustain successfully.

Samak Sundaravej Strength of Elements


Effect of Transiting planets on Samak Sundaravej’s Surya Kundli

Ganesha observes that Transiting Rahu is passing through the 10th house of Karma in Samak Sundaravej’s Surya Kundli so it indicates strong desire to achieve higher most position in his field, specifically in case of politics. Transiting Saturn is passing through the 4th house from Sun along with Ketu till end of April 2008. So, like his Natal Sun is Squared by Rahu, it is also squared by Saturn and Ketu. Now, Rahu (The North Node) and Ketu (The South Node) both seem to hamper his progress in politics. Venus, his Vedic Sun Sign Lord will be forming perfect opposition to Natal Venus which is in Cancer, after 13th of February 2008. Sidereal position of transiting Venus will be playing important role here. In short, majority planets are likely to give him tough time, feels Ganesha.

Ganesha’s foresight about Samak Sundaravej’s political disposition

Ganesha feels that at least next three to four months, specifically time till April 2008 seems to be difficult for Samak Sundaravej’s political progress. Seventh house from Natal Sun is ruled by Mars and transiting Mars is retrograde at present, going direct on 29th January 2008. From 29th April 2008 to 21st June 2008, transiting Mars will be passing through Cancer, it’s sign of Debilitation. Retrogression of Mars and it’s Debilitation phase both are likely to be difficult for Samak Sundaravej’s overall political career in which he may either face strong opposition or his supporters may not provide required patronage.

Good luck and may Lord Ganesha provide Samak Sundaravej with required support on the political front.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni