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Planetary cluster pushed the late Rajiv Gandhi to Zenith, and later to his last fall…. 

Planetary cluster pushed the late Rajiv Gandhi to Zenith, and later to his last fall….

One of the most charismatic Indian Prime Ministers till date, late Shri Rajiv Gandhi was an unwilling politician. He was unwittingly drawn into this role, when his mother, late Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India, was assassinated in 1984. The nation reeled under the tragedy, and the young, trained commercial pilot, who never had really aspired to be a part of the political drama, was called on to fill his mother’s daunting shoes. Rajiv Gandhi, the soft spoken man with a heart-warming smile, then became the Indian Prime Minister. He went on to rule the nation, despite controversies and opposition, till he was gorily snatched away by the cruel forces behind his untimely death, at a promising age of just 47, in a suicide bomber led explosion in May 1991.

Rajiv Gandhi may have fallen from the grace, shadowed under the Bofors scandal, during his tenure as the Indian PM, but he was much loved, and his assassination put the entire nation in a heart-wrenching silence and mourning. What led to such a sad end to a glorious life? What planetary forces drew Mr. Gandhi into the political whirlpool, from which he had intended to stay away? As the nation remembers its suave Prime Minister on his 71st birth anniversary, Ganesha takes a look at the Horoscope of the late PM to analyse his stars. Read on….

Rajiv Gandhi
Date of Birth :- 20th August 1944
Time of Birth :- 08.11 am
Place of Birth :- Mumbai


  • Rajiv Gandhi was born with a Leo Ascendant and the Lord of his Ascendant – the Sun – is placed in its own sign with planets Jupiter, Moon, Venus and Mercury in his Natal Chart.
  • Jupiter placed in Ascendant House is a good sign, and it can be held responsible for giving Rajiv Gandhi – popularity, magnanimity, truthfulness and a sweet spoken personality.
  • Venus placed in the Ascendant House bestowed Mr. Gandhi with reverence and public love, due to his polite speech and loving attitude towards people. This planetary factor may also be held responsible, behind Mr. Gandhi’s stable and imaginative frame of mind.
  • The Lord of the 9th House in Mr. Gandhi’s Chart is placed in the 2nd House – this gave him the luck, fame and wealth with which he was born. This planetary aspect is considered very fortunate, and makes a person talented, scholarly and popular.
  • Uranus is placed in the 10th House in Mr. Gandhi’s Chart. This aspect is known to cause sudden work related changes, which happened in the case of the late PM’s case.
  • Ganesha also looked at the picture involving transiting planets at the time of late Indira Gandhi’s death. He reads that around 31/10/1984, Rahu was transiting over the Natal Uranus in Rajiv Gandhi’s 10th House, while Uranus was transiting through his 4th House. The degreecal opposition of Uranus and Uranus changed Rajiv Gandhi’s course of life with such a forceful intensity, and let to him becoming the PM of India under such tumultuous circumstances.
  • Between 01/01/1987 to 07/11/1989, the Major period of Rahu and Sub period of Saturn were in operation in Mr. Gandhi’s Horoscope. This is known to be a planetary combination full of struggle and strife. Rightfully, these were some of the most troubled periods in Rajiv Gandhi’s political career. Rajiv Gandhi, as the PM of India, was mired in controversy, the country reeled under the shock of the Bhopal Gas disaster, and there was the Shah Bano case in 1988. Intervening and then sending the Indian Peace Keeping Force troops to Sri lanka in 1987 was a build up to Rajiv’s brutal death later. Around the same time, the Bofors Scandal took face, and damaged Rajiv’s corruption free image, which later resulted in a major defeat for his party in the 1989 general elections.
  • On 21st May, 1991, the Lord of House of Mystery in Rajiv Gandhi’s Horoscope – Jupiter – was transiting in his 12th House over his Natal Rahu, in a degreecal opposition to Saturn that was, at the time, transiting through his 6th House. And, the planet of force – Mars was degreecally transiting over Mr. Gandhi’s Natal Rahu. This is indicative of a brutal, shocking, life threatening incident, a war or bloodshed, as all the strong planets are involved. This was the day Rajiv Gandhi was brutally killed in a suicide bomber attack, carried on by LTTE.

Little is left to say, when such incidents take place. May Rajiv Gandhi’s soul rest in peace, and may his glory eternally enchant people, wishes Ganesha on the late Indian PM’s 71st birthday.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Kashyap Rawal
The GaneshaSpeaks Team