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Rahul Gandhi celebrates his 44th Birthday…

Rahul Gandhi celebrates his 44th Birthday…

Despite having a rich pedigree of politics (father: Rajiv Gandhi; grandmother: Indira Gandhi; great-grandfather: Jawaharlal Nehru), Rahul Gandhi appears to lack the charisma of the leaders of the Congress party who ran the country for the better part since independence in 1947. Though he managed to win his father’s constituency, Amethi, and represents it as MP in the Lok Sabha, he failed rather spectacularly while spearheading the Congress party campaign as its vice-president in the 2014 elections, with the party suffering its worst defeat in India’s history. The scion of the Gandhi family, Rahul took a prolonged sabbatical of nearly two months, returning last month to don a new activist avatar, travelling across the length and breadth of the country to hold meetings with farmers, fishermen and miners, both to gauge the pulse of the ground reality better, and to strengthen his own hold in the Congress party, whose organisational elections are long overdue.
Ganesha, with the help of Vedic Astrology, takes a peek at the political fortunes of the wannabe PM of the country, as he celebrates his 44th birthday on 19th June 2015.

Rahul Gandhi
Date of Birth :- 19th June, 1970
Time of Birth :- 14.28 P.M.
Place of Birth :- New Delhi, India


Astrological Observations:- (transits with reference to the Natal planets)

The retrograde Saturn will be transiting through the 2nd House of Rahul’s Natal Chart, till 2nd August 2015 (and further from 25th March 2016 till his next birthday) – and will give negative aspects to his Natal Mercury and Ketu.

  • Rahu–Ketu will be transiting through the 12th and the 6th Houses respectively in his Chart, while forming Square aspects with his Natal Sun and combust Mars respectively. This shall continue till 30th January 2016.
  • Then, Rahu will start to transit through Leo Sign over Rahul’s Ketu, and Ketu will start to transit over his Natal Rahu, through Aquarius Sign.
  • The transiting Jupiter will transit over Rahul’s Natal Ketu through his 11th House from 14th July 2015 onwards, and it will be giving a positive aspect to Rahu in his 5th House and the debilitated Saturn in his 7th House.
  • Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi is currently under the influence of the Panoti of Saturn Sadhe-Sati – the first phase.


Astrological Predictions – Basis the given Astrological Observations, now Ganesha derives the predictions for the Gandhi scion – for the year ahead.

  • Rahul’s fortune may not favour him, and thus, he may nto get returns on his efforts in the times to come.
  • His busy schedules may keep him mentally and physically strained.
  • Given the influence of Rahu and Ketu on the important Natal planets and Houses in his Chart, Rahul shall be liable to make unpleasant and controversial statements, while addressing public or press. At times, he may also end up taking wrong decisions.
  • Taking care of his health shall be mandatory for him, during this time. This may all be attributed to Saturn’s adverse transit, through the 2nd House in Rahul’s Chart, which is also giving a negative aspect to his Natal Mercury and Ketu.
  • Ganesha, though, feels that owing to the transit of Jupiter through the Zodiac Sign Leo, post 14th July 2015, Rahul will be able to bring improvement in overall his system of working, by bringing in some political changes and taking some mature decisions.
  • Jupiter will be in Sextile aspect with Rahul’s Natal Sun and Mars, which will help him to work hard towards making his position stronger in the Congress party, which may also result in him getting elected as the party President.
  • Thanks to this planetary configuration, Rahul may also manage to prove himself as a competent opposition leader, during a certain challenging period for the present government in Center.
  • But, overall he will have to be ready to work way harder, while being cautious, as time will get tougher for him, post January 2016.
  • As for the Gandhi scion’s personal life, there are possibilities that Rahul may up make his mind to find an appropriate match for himself, in the next year.
  • By and large, Ganesha feels that Rahul Gandhi will have to prepare himself to go an extra mile to prove that he is the right candidate for the Presidential seat in the Congress Party, besides giving a tough fight to the BJP Government, as a dynamic leader of the opposition party .
  • Over and above this, Rahul Gandhi will need to ensure he doesn’t make hurtful or controversial statements in public via press, social media or other media—so that his image doesn’t suffer.

Ganesha wishes a great year ahead to the Vice President of the Indian National Congress Party.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team