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Priyanka Gandhi Up Elections Prospects Astrological Analysis

Priyanka Gandhi Up Elections Prospects Astrological Analysis

Priyanka Gandhi has often played a role as a star campaigner in the most important campaigns of Congress. While many Congress supporters are seeing the image of Priyadarshini Indira in him, some party loyalists feel that she is more capable and efficient than her brother and the current Vice President of the party, Rahul Gandhi. She hthe as been able to influence voters in favour of the party over the years with her unique way of working and the privilege of being the daughter of Rajiv Gandhi. There have been many controversies about them, but they continued to move towards their goal with fearlessness and political understanding. In the upcoming Uttar Pradesh elections, he will be fielded as a ‘trump card’ by the Congress party. The people of the party have a lot of enthusiasm and hopes for him. But will Priyanka be able to live up to their expectations? In this article, while reviewing the position of the nine planets in his horoscope, we find out what is opinion of Ganesha in this matter.

Priyanka Vadra
12 January 1972: Date of Birth
Birth time: 17:05 (unconfirmed)
Place of Birth: Delhi

Priyanka vadra birthday


Basics of looking at the birth chart:

Priyanka Gandhi was born in Gemini Ascendant according to her horoscope. Looking at the horoscope of Jupiter, the lord of the tenth house, the position is in the seventh house and it is in conjunction with the ascendant Mercury. Since the Guru is sitting in his own sign and is also in the centre position, for this reason, one of the most popular Panchmahapurush Raja Yogas of astrology, Hansa Yoga is being formed. Due to the combination of this special presence of planets, Priyanka is Spentanius, that is, a woman of an independent nature. Being the owner of a dynamic personality, she is also capable of making excellent decisions.

Strong support of Suryadev with him

The bright planet Sun representing politics is Atmakarak in his magazine. Due to its being in the seventh house, Jupiter and Mercury located there are getting more power. So in this way, if we combine all these factors, then we get to see a very bright picture, which is showing the ability to touch great heights in life by them later. Since the seventh house is in a very powerful position related to the people, it is capable of leaving its influence on the voters strongly.

Extremely Lucky Priyanka:

The factor of glory, Venus, which is the ruler of the fifth house, is sitting in the ninth house and the lord of the ninth house and Aquarius is looking at it. From the astrological point of view, this position indicates the tremendous support of luck which will help them in crucial situations. The good position of Venus in the horoscope of any person gives him a charismatic personality who has the power to convince others of his views.

Current conditions and their planetary constellations

At present, Priyanka is passing through the Mahadasha of Venus and Antardasha of Shani. This favourable Dasha sequence will help in leaving a positive impact on the mindset of voters in the electoral battlefield of Uttar Pradesh. Stars are indicating that Priyanka is going to have a major role, directly or indirectly, in the campaign for UP Elections 2017.

Congress’s Trump Card:

His ability to connect emotionally with the general public will go a long way in tying up with the Congress Party and Samajwadi Party in the UP Assembly Elections. Such a strong position in the seventh house will help the party to get a better advantage by securing an important position.

Worrying aspects:

Friends, it is worth mentioning here that at present the condition of Saturn’s half-and-half is going on Priyanka Gandhi. The transiting Saturn can affect the Sun of his birth during the election of Uttar Pradesh. Due to its ill effects, they may have to face hurdles while implementing their plans and policies. As a result, the efforts or efforts put in by them will not be able to live up to their expectations and expectations. Unexpected problems or troubles can put thorns in their path while moving forward.

Taking into account all these aspects of the horoscope, Ganesha feels that Priyanka’s presence in the Uttar Pradesh Congress will definitely increase the chances of winning the seat in the upcoming elections. But Ganeshji’s advice for Priyanka is that this is UP election, daughter Priyanka, not a child’s play, so proceed with caution.

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With the blessings of Ganeshji,
Tanmay K Thackeray