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Pennsylvania, the final hope for Hillary Clinton

Pennsylvania, the final hope for Hillary Clinton

In the run up to the US Presidential election 2008 of the United States of America, two leaders of Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are leaving no stone unturned to win the race. Hillary Clinton is more desperate and adamant as Pennsylvania is her final hope. At this crucial juncture, Ganesha gives his predictions on the future of Hillary Clinton in this election.

In my earlier article I have clearly stated that Hillary will have to work very hard to remain in the race as she might be running out of time. She has only one chance left now as only one state Pennsylvania is to witness the fight to finish on April 22, 2008.

Obama is currently going through Jupiter-Venus-Mercury period. Venus holds the key for Obama and on April 22nd Venus will be exalted. It should keep him strongly in the contest. Sun will be exalted in the 7th house and Moon will be in the Ascendant squaring natal Sun and Saturn, which is not favoring him. But Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are very strong in his chart. So people should expect a stiff contest.

On the other hand Hillary is passing through Venus-Saturn-Saturn phase. Saturn is yogakaraka placed in the 10th house and gets strength by exchange with Moon. But in D-10 chart Saturn placed in the 6th house. Hence she is facing tough competition despite having some wonderful Rajayoga in her chart. On 22nd April exalted Venus will be in trine with natal Saturn and Jupiter. The transiting Moon conjunct natal Venus. This day is extremely significant and we can expect Hillary to win either the popular vote or more delegates or both. But will it be enough? The Sun in the Kendra is the double-edged sword for Libra ascendant, as it rules the trouble-causing Badhaka house, the 11th. This seems to confirm that Clinton will do better in Pennsylvania than Obama.

Let’s have a look at the Convention between August 25 and 28 in Denver. Venus and Mercury, her Ascendant lord and friend may not be accomplishing much for her. She will be under the influence of Venus-Saturn-Mercury period and Mercury though placed in its own Navmansa, in D-10 afflicted by Ketu. In her natal chart, the transit Moon applies to her debilitated Mars and Saturn. Obama will be running Jupiter-Sun period and Sun is placed in the 10th house becomes strong but also Badhkesh can cause problems to him. There can be some unexpected twists in the contest but eventually Barack Obama will win the nomination.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar,