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Mars’ influence may continue to cause troubles for Pakistan’s political stability, feels Ganesha

Mars’ influence may continue to cause troubles for Pakistan’s political stability, feels Ganesha

Overwrought with internal struggle and an ever deepening political crisis, Pakistan, India’s famous neighbour, has been in fresh trouble recently. From 14th August 2014, innumerable Pakistanis have pledged to remain on the streets of Islamabad until the reigning Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif resigns. The demonstrators paralysed the central business area, bringing life to a standstill. The citizens are protesting against high unemployment, soaring crime and power shortage in Pakistan. The 15-month-old civilian government is facing a great challenge by this unrest, headed by the anti-government cleric Tahir-ul-Qadri and famous cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan.

This fresh bout of political instability in the nuclear-armed country has caused a civil war-like situation, with Qadri protesting against rampant corruption and killing of his supporters, and Imran Khan, the leader of the opposition party – Tehreek-e-Insaaf, alleging Nawaz Sharif of manipulating last year’s elections. The situation seems to be getting dire by the day with various involved parties claiming and bringing up conflicting ideas, ranging from civil disobedience to a disappointed army over General Pervez Musharraf’s prosecution.

Ganesha takes a look at the Country Formation Chart of Pakistan as well as Nawaz Sharif government’s Oath Taking Chart to analyse what planetary positions spurred this heated situation, and also what lies ahead.

Pakistan’s Country Chart


Pakistan’s country chart is under the influence of Venus Mahadasha and Mars Bhukti currently. Mars is the planet representing military and opposing forces, and it is placed in the 3rd House with Moon, the planet of public opinion. The Mars-Moon conjunction makes the country war prone and also severe domestic unrest. As Mars is placed in the star of Rahu, the period till 25th February 2015 will remain very difficult for the Nawaz Sharif government and Pakistan.

The transiting Saturn and Mars are passing through the 7th House over the Natal Jupiter in this Chart, which indicates severe political instability and untoward happenings in the following months in Pakistan.

As per Nawaz Sharif’s current government’s Oath Taking Chart, the transiting Saturn and Mars in Libra will continue to cause severe problems for them, which shall be difficult to resolve. The period till 5th September 2014 may remain extremely sensitive and stressful for this government. The present political turmoil even has the capacity to lead Pakistan to a disastrous situation.

However, the transiting Jupiter is passing through the 4th House in Pakistan’s Country Chart, which may act as safeguard for the Sharif government. However, the Rahu Bhukti starting from 25th February 2015 onwards may bring a major change in Pakistan’s political structure. Nawaz Sharif may not only face serious challenges against his premiership, but may also face legal hazards.

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Tanmay K.Thakar,
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