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Obama, the number 4, and the New Age

Obama, the number 4, and the New Age

Ganesha says Obama was born on august 4. The elections are on November 4. America was born on July 4. Therefore the number 4 becomes vital and pivotal in the destiny of America and Obama.

But this is not the complete story. The real story is that this is the New Age. The New Age means people keep an open mind, and are not given to prejudice and a fixed mindset. There fore we have Mayawati in India and obama in America as rising stars. This is the real secret of Obama, Mayawati and all so called backward, poor people of the world.

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In other words, times are changing for the better. We hope that Obama becomes the president and his chances are very bright. But the New Age will show the way towards a bright, better, liberal way of life and living. That is important.

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Ganesha’s Grace
Bejan Daruwalla