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Obstinacy and miscalculations can cause great loss to Nitish; should be more flexible!

Obstinacy and miscalculations can cause great loss to Nitish; should be more flexible!

Obstinacy and miscalculations can cause great loss to Nitish

A strong Mercury gives an edge to Nitish Kumar…
However, strained relations with his allies may not let him achieve the desired success in Bihar Assembly Elections 2015.One of the top contenders in the upcoming Bihar Assembly Elections, Nitish Kumar, the reigning Chief Minister of Bihar, is a formidable force. The popular yet oft-criticised CM of Bihar, credited to have initiated a series of developmental and constructive activities in the ailing Eastern state, has been known for his headstrong and ambitious approach. Also a senior JD (U) leader, Kumar, who resumed CM office in February, 2015, is well liked by the masses. What lies ahead for this firebrand politician? Finds Ganesha.

March 01, 1951
Time of Birth: 13:20
Place of Birth: Bhaktiarpur


Astro Star

  • Nitish Kumar is born in the Gemini Ascendant. The Lord of his Ascendant Sign – Mercury is placed in the 9th House (the House of fortune) in Kumar’s Chart.

The Starry Qualities

  • The placement of Mercury in his 9th House of Fortune makes Kumar good at logical and analytical skills. Naturally, he is tuned to be adept at assembling a multitude of facts and turning them into his ‘great idea’.
  • The stars bless him making him highly intelligent. Mercury’s potent influence give him the strength of being able to say/ quip something interesting, every-time he is probed.
  • Mercury, the ruling planet in Nitish Kumar’s Chart, bestows him with excellent communication skills. It also gives him an incredibly quick wit, original ideas and an inventive personality. Communicating ideas, linking his mind with people and developing new and unusual systems of thought make him a good administrator. He is always busy, never stopping to take a breath, and at the same time, quite inexhaustible in his source of energy – the stars are placed in his Chart to make him do all this and then, some more.

The Flip side…

  • Negatively, Nitish Kumar may have a tendency to run himself ragged. Therefore, it is essential for him to carefully manage his energies, in order to optimize his actions.
  • Mercury may want him wavering and whimsical. On one hand, he may want something, while on the other hand, he may not wish for the same thing – sometimes wanting more, sometimes wanting less. This see-saw of life experiences and perspectives does present him with a challenge, as to what his true identity and ideology is. This is the very reason that sometimes the Bihar CM is accused of being a somewhat superficial.

The RajaYoga!

  • Nitish Kumar has very strong Natal Chart with a planetary exchange between his 9th House Lord Saturn and the 4th House Lord Mercury. This strong and auspicious exchange forms a “Rajyoga” in his Chart, making it one of the most important planetary configurations in his Chart, confirms Ganesha’s detailed reading of his Horoscope.
  • This Rajyoga is destined to give the native Mr. Kumar good education, success, fame and a higher position of authority and rule. This also makes him a charismatic leader with superb communication skills and a genuine mass appeal. It makes him a good strategist as well.

Saturn pulls down…

  • Saturn, the signifier of political strength and power, is Natally retrograde in Nitish Kumar’s Chart. Hence, he reached his Zenith at a later age. Plus, this starry (mis)aspect, at times, leads to his strategies and calculations getting backfired, leading him to disappointments.

Starry advantage…

  • The exalted Venus is placed in the 10th House in Kumar’s Chart. This is another positive factor, for him as a mass leader. This alignment makes him an exceptional leader, who is always thinking three steps ahead, with a definitive goal of ducking problems, even before they arise.
  • This aspect makes Nitish Kumar consider all his options, leading him towards the right direction. This also ensures that he is always motivate, about the course and cause he is following.
  • The Lord of the 10th House in his Chart – Jupiter is placed in the 9th House (of fortune), which also is good factor, and plays a vital part in making Mr. Kumar a good administrator and an influential politician.
  • Rigidity!
  • Venus is afflicted by Mars in the senior JD(U) leader’s Chart. So, at times, Nitish may be unable to utilize the resources available to him. He may also act stubbornly, unwilling to change a policy, program or strategy, even when it may be out-dated/ redundant.
  • Also, the Sun is placed with Rahu in the 9th House in Mr. Kumar’s Chart, which may make him over ambitious and rigid with his policies and programs.

Negative Rajayoga?

  • There is another Rajyoga in Nitish Kumar’s Chart. The conjunction of Rahu with the 10th House Lord Jupiter is also a Rajyoga in his Natal Chart. But, Rahu is the planet of illusion. And thus, this may also have a negative impact.
  • Jupiter-Rahu conjunction may cause a sudden downfall and unexpected reversal of fortune.
  • The Transits….
  • Further, Nitish Kumar has a debilitated moon in his 6th House in his Chart which indicates that he is likely to be contentious and very stubborn.
  • As the transiting Saturn is currently moving over his Natally debilitated Moon, it is quite possible that some of his actions and policies may backfire. His unwise and impulsive decisions too may also prove wrong.
  • He is right now in the Rahu-Jupiter Dasha period. Rahu is in the Guruchandal yoga, which will provoke him to act in an unorthodox manner, which will annoy his supporters and voters.
  • However, the transiting Jupiter is aspecting his Natal Jupiter and Sun both, at the moment. So, despite all the hardships, he may emerge as one of the strongest leaders in Bihar politics. But, Jupiter is the Lord of the 7th House (the House of partnerships). Hence, Nitish Kumar’s relations with his allies will remain strained and the politics within his own party and allies may not allow him to get the success that he desires and deserves, concludes Ganesha.

Ganesha wishes a good time ahead to Nitish Kumar.

With Ganesha’s Grace
Tanmay K Thakar
The GaneshaSpeaks.com Team