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Negative Voting – Will SC’s radical directive see the light of the day in Elections 2014?

Negative Voting – Will SC’s radical directive see the light of the day in Elections 2014?

The Supreme Court of India, in a landmark judgement, will allow the voters in India to cast a ‘negative vote’, if the voters feel that none of the candidates seeking election is worthy of their vote. The apex court has compared this with the option to abstain given to the members of the Parliament and members of Legislative Assemblies, when they vote in respective Houses. The Supreme Court has directed the Election Commission to provide ‘None of the above’ (NOTA) button on Electronic Voting Machines and ballot papers.

What will be the impact of such a revolutionary judgement on the democratic process in India? Will it have a smooth passage or face obstacles in its implementation? Ganesha analyses the Kundli of Independent India to give answers to all such questions. Read on…

Ever since, India entered the Sun Mahadasha on September 2009, many attempts have been made to change the concept of democracy in India. Agitations and protest have been made to give people the real control. But, Rahu placed in the Ascendant of the Indian Independence chart and Republic Chart shows the double standards, loose moral values, selfishness and hypocrisy of politicians not allowing people to take full control of the political system.

However, as the planet of democracy, discipline and judgements, Saturn entered Libra, an era of “judicial activism” has begun in India. The Supreme Court of India has given many landmark judgements, and in fact, is directing the political leadership to implement true democracy in India. The latest judgement on the “Negative Voting Issue” is one of the many.

India is currently under the influence of Sun Mahadasha and Mercury Bhukti. Mercury is the Lord of 5th House in the star of Saturn. The star Lord Saturn is placed with Mercury in the 3rd House. 9Th House represents judiciary. As the 9th House Lord Saturn is placed with Mercury, it can be termed as the defining moment for the judicial activism in India. Rahu is a catalyst! Saturn’s conjunction with Rahu in Libra has activated the reform process, which is causing various problems to the political class in India. As per India Republic Chart of 26th January 1950, the Jupiter Mahadasha and Saturn Bhukti are in force. Both the planets are important for democratic values and reforms.

The judgement on the “Negative Voting Issue” is no doubt a landmark judgement but implementation of this judgement may face several issues. Ketu is placed in the 9th House of Pisces New Moon Chart which indicates that seeking clearance to implement this “Right” may face procedural delays. The transiting Moon was passing through the Ardra ruled by Rahu Nakshatra on the day of Supreme Court judgement. So, the true spirit of this judgement may get diluted through many procedures.

Politics of opportunism and partisanship may try to make every possible effort to delay the entire process. Nevertheless, the process has now got momentum, and it will force the political leadership to take some positive steps to bring “True Democracy” in India.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team