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The NaMo Effect – An Astrological Analysis

The NaMo Effect – An Astrological Analysis

Hate him or love him, but you can’t ignore him! Narendra Modi, the CM of Gujarat and now the Prime Ministerial candidate of BJP in the upcoming general elections, makes his presence felt wherever he goes, wherever he speaks and how! Certain sections of the media, politicians, various communities in India as well as around the world have tried all that they could to malign Mr. Modi. But he has turned all the adversities into opportunities, and not let his opponents and critics have their way. He knows how to raise issues, how to address people, and most importantly, he knows what to talk about. There is no denying that his speeches mark a lasting impression.

What is it in him that other politicians lack? Perhaps, a favourable planetary alignment in their horoscopes, says Ganesha. It will be interesting to see how planets are posited in birth chart, empowering with fine communication skills and ability to influence people. Read on to know Ganesha’s analysis of Narendra Modi Birth Chart vis-à-vis his ability to communicate effectively.
Narendra Modi’s Birth Chart :


Astrological Analysis :
Ganesha observes that Natal Moon and Mars are conjunct in the 2nd House of Speech. The position of Moon shows that Narendra Modi listens to his heart and expresses his inner feelings while public speaking. This factor also shows that he does not like reading handwritten scripts while publicly speaking. The position of Mars in his horoscope indicates that Mr. Modi’s uses high-pitched tone while addressing people. His methodical approach and ability to formulate sentences in an impressive manner can be attributed to the conjunction of Mars and Moon. He has a tendency to put more emphasis on few words or sentences, during his public speeches. This particular characteristic of his nature is also because of the placement Mars in the 2nd House of Speech.

Mercury, the natural signifier of speech and eloquence, is in very close conjunction with Natal Ketu. Communication is Mercury’s main domain. As Natal Mercury is exalted, it is better for him to communicate directly with the people he wants to address so that his statements generate maximum impact. However, as Mercury is in conjunction with Ketu, sometimes his messages or the words that he speaks are misunderstood. Even his written communication may be misdirected.

besides, Moon’s star Lord Saturn is his Atmakaraka planet and is in close conjunction with Natal Venus. Hence, he always has clarity of thoughts about what he wants to speak and convey. He always chooses his words very carefully. Here, Venus helps him be more expressive and impressive when he interacts with people.

Summarily, Ganesha says that the planetary alignment in his Birth Chart clearly points out his intelligence and ability to make full use of his powerful communication skills.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,