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London Mayoral Elections 2008: Ganesha’s astrological opinion

London Mayoral Elections 2008: Ganesha’s astrological opinion

As the London mayoral elections 2008 are looming large over the England, the two political parties are bending their efforts to win the elections. At this time, Ganesha would like to evaluate the political situation of both the major parties of UK through his astro-specs.The Conservative Party, the main Opposition party of UK is currently passing through Rahu-Rahu-Jupiter period, which will end on 6th June 2008. The transiting Jupiter is moving close to Ascendant indicating that the party is now on a revival of confidence. The Jupiter-Ketu conjunction, however, doesn’t indicate a smooth sailing for them. Pluto sextile Jupiter between July and October, 08 also looks favorable for the party. But Saturn square the Mars Venus Mercury conjunction till mid 08, which will put a damper on high hopes, bringing internal disagreements as well.

Whereas Labour Party, the ruling group is currently passing through Rahu-Rahu-Venus period and Venus is placed in the 8th house afflicted by Ketu and debilitated in the Navmansa chart indicating tough time ahead. At the moment, it’s a nervous party with thoughtless impulses and often trapped into illogical misjudgments. Obviously not short on courage but lacking in common sense. The transiting Rahu in Capricorn in May moving closely over the Venus and Mercury form unfavorable conjunction. So this current run of misfortune and upheaval is unlikely to disappear in near future, rather it will worsen the situation. Uranus forming square to Pluto in April 08, repeating September 08 and February 09, which will revise the aims and image of the Labour Party significantly.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown will be passing through the Mars-Rahu-Ketu period between 14th April and 8th May during the election season. Ketu is placed in the 6th house of opposition and Rahu is in the 12th house with the 10th house Lord. Gordon Brown will be jittered and rattled during this phase and the public seems to be more and more disappointed.

David Camaron has a very strong chart with Moon conjunct exalted Jupiter forming Gajakesari Yoga. Venus and Mercury in exchange forming excellent Rajayoga. He is currently under the influence of Venus-Saturn-Saturn phase. It tends to bring psychological issues to the fore and there might be some kind of inner turmoil to contend with as well. The transiting Jupiter may favor him in year 2008 and he looks in better shape than Brown but it will be tense, challenging and overly strenuous period for him.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar,