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Know What Astrologers Predict About Saryu Rai Election

Know What Astrologers Predict About Saryu Rai Election

A well-known face of Jharkhand politics, former journalist, public servant and food and supplies minister in the Raghuvar Das cabinet of the current BJP government. Saryu Rai is contesting against his own party or against his own Chief Minister Raghuvar Das. Everyone is getting a chance to see this strange coincidence in the Jharkhand assembly elections 2019. Because of the feeling of dissatisfaction against his own party, BJP did not give ticket to Saryu Rai from Jamshedpur West seat. In such a situation, Saryu Rai nominated five times MLA from Jamshedpur East seat in opposition to Chief Minister Raghuvar Das. Now this seat will see an exciting triangular contest. The first candidate is Raghuvar Das, the second candidate is Saryu Rai and the third candidate is Congress’s TV spokesperson Gaurav Ballabh. But there is one more thing that even though Saryu Rai is fighting the election by rebelling against the BJP. But he has not yet resigned from the membership of BJP. So whether his horoscope is in his favor or not, let’s see.

Personal information
Name – Saryu Rai
Date of Birth – 16 July 1951
Birth Time – Unknown
Place of Birth – Khanita Village, Itahi Block, Shahabad District, Bihar

In the first house, the presence of Sun-Mars in Gemini signifies fastness and might. Gives success in life. Especially in the field of work, there is success in social and government work. According to astrology, the position of Sun-Mars in the horoscope is auspicious, it increases the chances of success in political life. Among the nine planets mentioned in Vedic astrology, Sun is given the title of king and Mars as commander. This position signifies special respect, success, progress and high rank of the person. Sun-Mars conjunction in the 1st house makes strong decision-making ability and self-confidence. At the same time, it gives enthusiasm in nature, which is helpful in leaving its impact at the workplace. This situation maintains a positive image among good people and fear among corrupt officials. The entry of such a person into political life shows a renewed awareness of the future of the party and the state. In political life, good relations with the people and new sources of inspiration for the party are created.

The most important house in the horoscope is the tenth house. It is considered a factor of politics, revenue, prestige, world famous. It is also called Karma Bhava. The presence of a self-possessed Guru in the tenth house indicates that the person will be very famous and successful by his deeds. They get special progress in politics. With their valor, they achieve success in all tasks. Such people are prudent, intelligent, popular and good rulers or ministers. They get high position in politics.

The transiting Jupiter will travel through the seventh house in Sagittarius and its vision will be on the house of profit, the house of ascendant and the house of might. With his acumen, he can defeat his opponents with success and might in politics. But the transiting Guru will also travel with Shani-Ketu, so in spite of all these things being positive, Shani-Ketu may also face problems in defeating his opponent. Hard work will be required to win. Considering the opponent weak can put a question mark on the chances of victory. Therefore, at this time, planning ahead should be done by keeping faith in the hard work in the elections. Which will help them to get more votes in their constituency.

You have to work hard to achieve your victory. It can be very difficult to defeat the opponent.

With the blessings of Ganeshji,

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