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Jupiter to support Kiran Bedi’s Political Outing in Delhi Elections 2015, reads GaneshaSpeaks.com.

Jupiter to support Kiran Bedi’s Political Outing in Delhi Elections 2015, reads GaneshaSpeaks.com.

Corrigendum – We emphatically regret that this prediction did not match the actual results, and apologise for an error of judgement. There are many factors that may work against the accuracy of a prediction, specifically the absence of complete, authentic Birth Data. Nonetheless, our teams work dedicatedly to research, analyse and establish Astrological methods, which help us arrive at reliable predictions on various areas of life. These rare errors, thus, whenever they happen, are taken up very seriously, and we make it a point to look closely into the matter to ensure such mistakes are avoided, as far as possible, in future. We sincerely strive to be your able friend, Astrologer and guide at all times, and look forward to your avid patronage.

A fierce police officer and a name synonymous with woman power, personal strength, indomitable grace and a never say die spirit, Ms. Kiran Bedi is not someone who needs eloquent introductions. Recently, in an unexpected turn of events, Ms. Bedi joined Bhartiya Janata Party, and is now BJP’s contender for the Chief Ministerial role in the upcoming Delhi Assembly Elections. She stands now in direct opposition to once a friend, AAP’s Arvind Kejriwal. Will Ms. Bedi win the elections? Ganesha looks at her Horoscope to predict. Read on

Birth Date : 09/06/1949
Birth Time : 14:10:00
Birth Place : Amritsar


Ganesha notes that Kiran Bedi is currently passing through Mercury sub period and Saturn sub – sub period. Her Natal Mercury rules the 10th House (signifying political career and position) in her Horoscope, whereas the Natal Saturn rules the 6th House (signifying day to day profession and success in competition). This factor increases the ratio of her desired success in the upcoming Election. Plus, this factor will contribute to her popularity.

The natural benefic Jupiter is transiting through the 11th House in Ms. Bedi’s Chart, which is another positive sign for the desired growth and success in her political career. The stars largely indicate that as a candidate of BJP, she will lead the party with success – by winning the Delhi Assembly Elections.

The Parivartana Yoga between Bedi’s Natal Mercury and Venus will also play a very important role in her status in these Delhi Assembly Elections, and will also turn out to be excellent for her political career.

The malefic effects of Saturn’s mid phase of Sade Sati, which Ms. Bedi is currently going through, may bring hurdles and obstacles in her path. In other words, she is likely to face some tough challenges at the political front during the next two years – till this Sade Sati operates in her Horoscope.

Nonetheless, Ganesha sees a strong possibility of Kiran Bedi becoming the Chief Minister of Delhi, post the upcoming Delhi Assembly Elections.

May the best man (or should we say woman) win!

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,